A Blind Mountain Biker

Brian Bushway I got to tell you about him. This guy is young, he's energetic, he plays guitar, and he's getting fantastic grades at Pepperdine and he is a world-class mountain biker.
But that's not all. Brian is totally blind. Isn't that something?
Brian had his sight up until the age of about 14 years old then he slowly began losing his vision and now Brian does not see at all. Now I just bet you are wondering how a blind kid rides a mountain bike. Even makes it to the ranks of world class. Joni and Friends produced a television episode on Brian earlier this year and, oh my nerves, there he was riding his mountain bike along a rocky path on the crest of a ridge. His secret? Well, it's something he calls echo-location.
The biker in front of Brian clips a stiff card on his spokes so that when Brian follows behind him, he can hear that rat-tat-tat-tat, and Brian just follows the noise.
So Brian went on to explain that in his eye’s was a genetic disorder. What is true for this young blind man is true for you. And if you want to test that truth, just hop on a mountain bike behind Brian Bushway and, hey, let me tell you something, if you'd like to see a great little video clip of Brian actually out there on his mountain bike, you're not going to believe it. Then please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaCUMxNz1sM It is amazing.