Camelbak Reservoir Dryers

Have you ever taken a sip of your water from your Camelbak as your riding and it just tasted NASTY!

Many of us have this is a result of not completely drying your hydration bladder after use and the build up of gunk or slime in the bladder and hose. The most conventional way of drying is using a specific hanger where it opens up the bladder to air dry. However for many who ride frequently, the bladder never really has a chance to fully dry. Now there is a solution…

Using a old paper towel rack
The more cheaper way using a plastic cloths hanker just cut one end so you slip the bladder onto the hanger
Camelbak Reservoir Dryers $8.99

Camelbak Reservoir Dryers
Camelbak Cleaning Kit$16.50
Camelbak Cleaning Tablets$7.85
New from ZER0GOO is the Hydration Bladder Dryer. It is a compact fan built to fit in the mouth/opening of your bladder. It is made from plastic and requires an electric power source (included). The dryers do not emit heat, just the air with the room temperature to dry.
Here are simple steps:
- Remove the mouthpiece from your tube/hose so the air can have a clear path.- For faster drying, drain the excess water/liquid from the bladder before attaching the unit- Insert the fan into the opening of the bladder- Attached/plug the power source
Drying and having the taste of fresh water during your ride has never been made easier!
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ZeroGoo Hydration Bladder Dryer $37.50

Some months back, at Interbike I came across ZeroGoo. I actually did a double take. A simple booth with two very friendly guys showing off possibly, in my strange opinion, the best product of Interbike. A hydration bladder dryer.

It is very simple, you screw in dryer to the bladder, plug the drying into the wall, walk away. That is it.

It works very well. Especially if you are like me and tend for forget your bladder in your hydration pack for a couple weeks and open it up to some primordial ooze starting to take on a life of it’s own.

Drying does take some time though. It obviously is not blowing heated air into the bladder and evaporation only goes so fast. Also the dryer forces more air into the bladder than can actually pass out the hose end which causes the bladder to inflate which is good. This make sure no surface inside the bladder misses its opportunity to dry. The amount of air that can actually pass through the bladder is still restricted by the hose and drying can take some time. I found for myself that using it after a ride the bladder would be dry about the time I was ready to hit the sack.

Another great feature of the dryer is that you can use it on your shoes after a ride in the rain. This might be a little unsanitary but than again, mountain biking isn’t a very sanitary sport to begin with.

Currently the ZeroGoo dryer fits large and small mouth Camelbak® brand bladders but that doesn’t mean with a little home ingenuity you can’t get it to fit others.

There are a couple things that I think could be improved on. First, the dryer is pretty loud. It is about as loud as a real hair dryer. So I found, in my small apartment, it was best used in the bathroom where I could shut the door and walk away. Second, I think the idea of a hard plastic screw adapter isn’t bad, but it isn’t a one size fits all. If ZeroGoo can find a one size fits all method of adapting the dryer to the bladder mouth it would be perfect.

Shoe Dryer Also
Fuel Injection System $24.99
****Available for Preorder Now****Fuel Injection system includes ZEROGOO Fuel Injector Unit, Wild Berry Energy Drink, and Backpack attachment kit.
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I have a GORUCK hydration bladder, it has the screw cap opening and the end opens. I am looking for an option/way to keep the bladder open for drying. Are you able to suggest something?

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