Chris King The Bicycle Industry Leader

Chris King: I would have to say is my favorite component manufacturer. They produce the best in mountain bike component that any one can offer.

Chris King is renowned for precision bicycle components for all types of bicycles. They can turn a bar of aluminum into a hub shell in about the time it takes you to read this page, and a bearing blank in as long as it takes to read this paragraph.
The hubset featured is the ISO Disc pair designed for mountain bike wheels with disc brakes. All component manufacture machine aluminum, steel and titanium, and assembly is performed in house in Portland, Oregon. Chris King has long been known for sustainable practices in manufacturing and business administration and is regularly recognized within the bicycle industry for their leadership.

ISO 150 Disc rear hub brings the time-tested reliability and performance of Chris King hubs to downhill and heavy-duty freeride bikes featuring 150mm x 12mm thru axle rear dropouts. These big bikes get into some serious situations but it's no concern for the ISO 150 Disc hub. This isn't a "new" hub, it's another great hub from King. Same performance. Same durability. Same expectations.
Fun Bolts™ Dubbed 'fun bolts' by engineering, these hollow, stainless steel axle bolts are standard on the rear single speed hubs. Inserts for converting to a quick release axle are also available. The front hub comes standard with a quick release axle.
King is not known to jump on the bandwagon of every new design that goes by. While the 24mm QR style hub attachment system is relatively new, King feels that it solves a variety of problems all at once. For some riding styles, the old "quick release skewer" type front hub is just not enough for the job. Along came the thru-axle front hub for bicycles.
Designed especially for dedicated single speed bikes, ours is the first truly high-performance single speed hub. The rear hub features a cassette mechanism built on our patented RingDrive™ engagement system. A fully adjustable chain line is then accomplished using our King Cogs and several spacers (provided). Both hubs were specifically designed to build identical, dishless wheels. The same size spokes can be used for both sides of the front and rear wheels.
The Chris King ISO Single Speed Disc Rear Hub is purpose built for singlespeed riding. Wide-spaced, equal size aluminum hubshell flanges set the base for a low-dish wheel; the less the dish, the stronger the wheel. Building strength upon strength, our renowned sealed bearings turn around a one-piece 19.5 mm dropout-to-dropout axle while our patented RingDrive™ engagement provides near instantaneous power transfer.

King designed a custom singlespeed specific driveshell that allows for the wide spaced flanges of the hubshell. This aluminum driveshell allows you to use our lightweight spacer and lockring system to dial in your chainline with our FunBolts keeping it all in place.
Chris King hubs are renowned for their lightweight performance, durability, and ease of service. What you don't often hear about is the modularity of their design. Chris' hub design is elegantly simple and remarkably adaptable to various dimensions of axles such as the newly introduced 15mm for use with the new 15QR standard.
This design was a challenge. As with all of our products, we wanted the 20mm Thru-Axle Front Disc Hub to be the best that money could buy. Our design criteria were simple: a one piece super strong axle that could be adjusted in the field with a single wrench, without removing the wheel, the toughest bearings possible and it needs to build an excellent wheel while still looking sharp and not weigh in like a stuffed pig.

Chris King had to design an entirely new bearing for this guy. It is about the same size as a one inch headset bearing. Bigger than anything else out there. A high strength, 110mm, one piece aluminum axle is capped with 2 stainless steel axle biters to hold onto your fork legs like crazy. Why a one piece axle? Some other hubs require that you adjust the hub bearings by clamping the fork legs together harder, while others have no adjustments at all. You want strong? Looking for reliability and ease of adjustment? Look no further.
Chris King ISO 32h Rear Hub $379.77
Other unique features include our ultra stiff 19.5mm constant diameter axle (through the bearings to the dropouts), our time tested and proven bearings, and a 5 year warranty. All of our hubs are easily adjustable and simple to work on, requiring only two hex wrenches and a pen knife for regular maintenance.
Chris King ISO 32h Front Hub $199.77
Chris King Mountain - Front Hubs $ 172.5
Through Axel Hub
Ever wanted to see the inside workings of a Chris King Hub
RingDrive™ Lube Price $9
We designed a special lube for use on our patented RingDrive™ engagement system as well as all of our hub bearings.
It is engineered for high performance at all temperatures and less rolling resistance.
Chris King's Sixth YearIn 2004, Chris King Precision Components launched a limited edition series of pink headsets and hubs in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research and to raise funds for the Oregon & SW Washington affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. That first limited edition series of Pretty and Strong was a success and led to the return of the program in 2005 with an expanded line-up of products while still limited to just 4 months availability. Based on the success and positive feedback we received, they are pleased to announce that the Pretty and Strong program has been extended to a Special Edition Series available year-round. As of September 1, 2006, Chris King has added Pretty and Strong pink to its standard list of available colors.

King will continue to donate a portion of the sale of any Pretty and Strong item to the Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. On behalf of all of our customers and supporters, they are proud to make known our honor of receiving a 2006 award for Outstanding Support from the Foundation.
Why is Chris King making pink components?
Pink is universally recognized as a representation of breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbon symbol and associated pink product promotions have become highly visible in today’s society. They have chosen pink components as our tactic in the effort to support the lives of women and men facing this disease.

At Chris King, 1 out of 3 employees are women. Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime and 1 out of 3 American men will know a woman with breast cancer. Unknown to many is that men can develop breast cancer as well. (A rate of 1 man diagnosed for every 100) So let’s hope that a shiny new headset or hub set gets a conversation started and someone on their way for an exam.
Chris King's company has been among these statistics in each of the years they have run the program. They have heard moving stories from customers all over the world. Thier partners at the Komen Foundation continue to inspire them with their work. So, why pink? Because there’s more to life than riding bikes.

Chris King sealed bearing headsets all available colors
Chris King The rainbow of anodized colors is now joined by brown

Designed for threadless systems and available in 1" and 1 1/8". Price $10
Bearing Caps
Designed for our No ThreadSet threadless system and available in 1” and 1 1/8”. Match your current headset color or mix it up for a custom look. Includes o-ring. price $18.00
Conversion Kits
If you have a threaded King headset and threaded fork and want upgrade to a threadless fork - this is the kit that will convert your King headset to threadless. Same perfect machining to match the bits of your headset. Choose from 1" or 1 1/8" sizes.
Spacers are an important link in properly setting up your headset. While used to adjust the height of your stem, they transfer important alignment from the bottom of your stem to the top of the headset. Lacking exactness, there will be little you can do to achieve and maintain proper adjustment. While spacers are simple in their design and duty, there is no more room for compromise here than in our other components.
Kings precision headset spacers are made to the same exacting standards as our headsets. Each spacer is lathe-cut from high-grade aluminum bar stock in a single operation ensuring exactness of size, concentricity, and parallel surfaces. Many of the other headset spacers available in the market are saw-cut from a tube resulting in variances of these all-important tolerances. This is especially true with the now popular carbon fiber headset spacer. Fashionable? Yes. Precision? Questionable. In addition to sizing variances, carbon fiber has poor qualities in compression, which is what it is subject to during adjustment and from trail forces as the bicycle is ridden. They believe that this is an impractical material to specify spacers to be made from when thier 3mm spacer weighs just 2.5 grams by the way.

Chris King Precision Components headset spacers are available in diameters of 1”, 1 1/8”, and 1/1/4” and in heights of 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, and 25 mm. All of our standard colors are offered with the occasional limited edition color coming now and again. Finish off those last details with style and precision.
InSet™ is the latest addition to the Chris King® NoThreadSet™ family. InSet™ is a low-stack threadless headset designed for use with contemporary frames featuring what would traditionally be called "oversized" headtubes. As times have changed, so have the designs of many of our favorite bicycles. These new large headtubes allow frame manufacturers greater surface area on which to attach top tubes and down tubes with the overall result being improved frame strength and rigidity. Their pride ourselves on adapting Chris' forward-thinking original modular designs into ever-evolving configurations to meet most new bicycle designs. The Chris King® InSet™ now brings King's legendary bearing quality and time-tested durability to even more bicycle models.
InSet™ is a Chris King® headset, plain and simply stated. User-serviceable stainless steel bearings, aluminum cups, bearing cap and stem cap. It’s a member of the NoThreadSet™ family with the same ten-year warranty. While it may look different than a standard King NoThreadSet™, it adheres to Chris' firm standing that both bearings should be fixed in place. It’s a Chris King® headset but with a different attachment style. It can best be described as a low-stack height headset. they have said for years that we would not produce a loose,drop-in bearing style headset. They are still saying it to this day.
Chris King is very proud of their manufacturing abilities. They can turn a bar of aluminum into a hub shell in about the time it takes you to read this page, and a bearing blank in as long as it takes to read this paragraph. But there is a side effect to making parts. Waste. It's not very sexy. What do you do with all of the left over metal? Chris King make one of their favorite parts with it. It's a puck.

When you machine aluminum or steel or titanium, you make "chips" (that's machine shop talk for what most people would call metal shavings). These chips are covered in oil and generally very sharp. It takes 400 tons of hydraulic force and 2 seconds to turn a scrambled up pile of chips into a beautiful puck. When squeezed that hard, more than 98% of the oil is recovered from the chips. Chris King then filters and clarifies the oil and it goes right back into their machines to make more parts. All of the pucks get recycled and the oil gets used again and again.

Manufacturing is not just about the final product, it's about all of the products. Waste products included.
Bottom Bracket
They have been making our own sealed bearings here at King for over 32 years and never has there been a component that benefited more from their strength and durability than the bottom bracket. Yes, the Chris King bottom bracket is here and ready to take on the most challenging conditions your cycling adventures can deliver.
The Chris King bottom bracket is specifically designed for Shimano-compatible external type crank/bottom bracket systems and delivers every benefit you've come to expect from King and in the wide array of colors only King can do.

Chris King bottom bracket an available grease injection tool allows the bearings to be purged of existing grease and debris and new grease run through. What better way to maximize the life of your bearings than to do routine maintenance? Especially when it's this easy.

Racers take note! With the Chris King bottom bracket and injection tool, you can train day-to-day with a durable high-viscosity grease and race with a light, fast-rolling low-viscosity grease or oil. Imagine your current Friday night leg-shaving ritual finishing with a few minutes in the garage to get your bike as smooth as you are. Available in 10 colors.
Cogs Price $42
If you’re going to run just one gear it might as well be the very best you can get, a Chris King cog. Their stainless steel cogs are bead-blasted following heat-treating with sizes ranging from a leg-searing 12t through a sit-and-spin 20t.
Teeth Grams
Stainless Steel 12t 18
13t 22
14t 25
15t 28
16t 30
17t 35
18t 42
19t 48
20t 52

New 21, 22 and 23T stainless steel cogs cater to the 29
Cog Lock Rings
For Cassettes:Designed with today’s taller, double-digit cog stacks in mind, our cassette lock rings feature longer threads to provide secure engagement with the hub driveshell. A Chris King cassette lock ring is the perfect complement to any Chris King hub or for anyone looking to add a dash of King performance to other manufacturer’s compatible rear hubs.

Aluminum and titanium styles are available in 11t or 12t compatibility for multiple-cog cassette arrangements

Aluminum Price $20
Titanium Price $39
Chris King Hub Shakers Price: $120
No matter how hard we try, a few hubshells here and there just aren't going to pass our quality control standards. A bore is a tiny bit off, a wall thickness is little out of the tolerance, or maybe the shell's surface finish is not quite right. But these hubshells are not condemned as rejected parts. Instead, they reassign them to a life of service that is more suited to their slightly non-conformist tendencies.
With a clear anodized star-pattern silver cap for salt and a black for pepper, the SNP shakers make a great gift for any bike enthusiast.
Call us (800.523.6008) to place an order and check color availability
Bottom Bracket by Chris King
After years of anticipation and some predictions on my part Chris King has finally come out with Bottom Brackets, they have been working on them got god only knows how long. But they are finally here.

Made to fit standard Shimano External Cub Bottom Brackets they will make a sweet upgrade to the lower end and a perfect complement to the high end. One really nice thing about them is they are serviceable, something the Shimano BB’s are not.

The long-awaited Chris King bottom bracket has arrived. 10 colors, superior durability, user serviceable bearings, and a grease injection tool make this a great upgrade.
In addition to the expected build quality and longevity of the King-designed bearings, there's even a grease injection function for quick overhauls
Simply remove the black reducer sleeve in the bottom bracket and insert the grease injector
Then pump fresh grease into the bottom bracket while simultaneously purging out old (and possibly contaminated) junk. Anyone else remember Grease Guard? Chris King apparently didn’t
The white seal inboard of the bearing is what allows the grease injection function to work
and the other using the existing 20mm thru-axle one. Both axles will be offered as retrofit kits
Chris King will also offer a corresponding machined aluminum installation tool for the new bottom bracket whose fit is remarkably precise.
Chris King has chosen and consolidated premium rim, spoke, and nipple components from respected suppliers to be matched with our renowned sealed bearing hubs. While they have gone to great lengths to select lightweight, high-performance parts, we use only commonly available, off-the-shelf options available at nearly any bicycle retailer on Earth.
Chris King has also chosen a build style that is well-recognized and time-tested for durability and smooth ride quality. Ride hard with the confidence that when, or should we say if, you need a replacement part; you’ll easily find what you need.

Chris King wheel building philosophy shares the same values as our approach to fabricating components. They believe in the reasonable balance of strength and durability measured against lightweight high-performance. Their emphasis is on uniform, balanced spoke tension and they expect, with reasonable care, that any of these wheels will provide years of dependable service as a result.
Chris King
Bottom Bracket Tools
The Chris King Bottom Bracket is designed to offer season after season of smooth turning service. To ensure maximum performance we strongly recommend proper reaming and facing to be done to the bottom bracket shell by a qualified bicycle mechanic prior to component installation.
For installation of the bottom bracket we offer the Chris King BB External Cup Tool. Their cup tool is anodized aluminum and features a 3/8" socket drive and recommend use with a high-quality torque wrench. The spline interface is precision made to match our bottom bracket cups ensuring a secure fit during installation while preventing finish damage.

The Chris King BB Injector Tool is designed specifically for use with Chris King Bottom Brackets only. This all-aluminum tool is designed to be used in conjunction with many popular push-type grease gun systems by threading directly onto the gun nozzle. They also provide a zerk fitting allowing for use with a universal fitting grease gun.
Hub Service Tool Kit
The Chris King Precision Components hub service tool is a high quality shop tool designed to completely disassemble and reassemble Chris King hubs. Though not required for basic adjustment or routine hub maintenance, it makes a striking addition to the full service shop for complete bearing overhauls. A hub cone adjusting tool and comprehensive technical manual are included in the complete kit while the hub cone adjusting tool is also available separately
Hub Tool Kit: $160Hub Cone Adjusting Tool: $25
Headset Tools
Chris King headset cup press tools and baseplate (also known as the crown race) setting tool adaptors protect your headset's bearings and baseplate during installation and ensure that all press fits are even and straight.

Each set includes both press adaptors and baseplate setting tool adaptors for 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", and 1.5" sizes. Press adaptors are available for use with Bicycle Research™, Campagnolo™, Hozan™, Park™, Pedro's™, VAR™ and many other headset cup presses.

This chart lists the known press tools in current use and the accompanying Chris King adaptor press set for use with each. Please contact their customer service team 800.523.6008 if you have questions about the press tool you have or if you have a tool not on the list.
Chris King Coffees That’s right Coffee
Coffee and King Employees seem to go hand in hand. And like anything that they place the King name on, the coffee had to be perfect. That is why they picked coffee that is roasted and blended by people who know what they are doing.

Machinist Blend is a great coffee. And they should know, because over the years they have sucked down more of this stuff than anybody. It's the shop favorite.

Hate burnt coffee? So dose Chris King. That is where our Rocket Brew comes in. It is a straight out, very dark but not burnt French Roast. Darkest coffee there is? Not quite. The good thing about that is that it has a great richness and body but will not wreak havoc on your stomach.
Offically, They ride their bikes because they love the feeling and it allows them to lead a healthy life.
Really They ride so we can drink more coffee and beer and eat all the sweets that they want. But why not have vices that are healthy for them? That is where their Precision Blend Organic coffee comes into play. Is coffee good for you? well, there are no strange chemicals sprayed on the beans and one cup is enough to keep you rolling all day long, so yes. This coffee is good for you.

No one can attest to the global reach of the bicycle better than Hans Rey. As a professional cyclist he forever changed what many thought was possible on a bicycle. Following his World Championship mountain bike career, Hans took to filming documentaries of trips taken to the farthest corners of the earth. The Hans Rey Adventure Team uses extreme mountain biking skills to discover remote cultures and historical mysteries.

As these adventures have taken Hans across the continents, he has seen people in need of the freedom and reliability of the bicycle. Hans founded the non-profit charity Wheels4Life to reconnect with the places he has visited and to leave a lasting impact. What good is learning if you never apply the lesson?

Wheels4Life provides bicycles to people in developing nations. Often, something as simple as a bicycle transforms an individual by allowing them to hold a job or attend school. In the case of health care workers, a bicycle increases the range of care and an entire region benefits. Chris King is proud to support Hans Rey and Wheels4Life with a portion of proceeds from a new special edition component series developed around our renowned DreadSet™.
Hans Rey is one of Chris King's longest running sponsorships. From the beginning, they have respected Hans' commitment to distinction and enjoyed his laid back style. He remains an encouraging voice on enjoying life's journey and applying the lessons learned. His passion for bicycling and his belief in the liberating power of the bicycle are unmistakable in the effort he has undertaken with Wheels4Life.

Chris King believes this statement, taken directly from the Wheels4Life website, best explains our decision to support Hans and his efforts:

"They keep our administrative costs and overhead as low as possible. 90 - 95% of the funds received are going towards buying bikes. Everybody in their charity works on a volunteer level for free. They only have to pay some minimal bookkeeping fees to our accountant. Hans Rey pays for all his charity related travel expenses out of his own pocket. They keep the costs down as much as they can, in order to buy more bikes."-Hans Rey
What good is a great product without equally great service and support

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