Helmet Cam's

I was thinking the other day thanks to the Maxxis girls that I see all kinds of helmet cameras that riders have on mounted their bikes and helmets. I was wondering is there a all time best camera out there that doesn’t cost a arm and leg.

I see them from $75.00 all the way up to $800.00 now tell me who is going to buy a $800.00 video camera. After all when the first time you go over the bars the camera is history. But I guess if you spend $800.00 for a video camera you would have to insure it.

VholdR Contour HD Wearable Camcorder 300.00 ATC3K Action Camera and 4 Gig SD Card Bundle 155.00ATC2K MMK Bundle 120.00

ATC5K with Extra Mounting Kit and 2GB SD Card 235.00 V.I.O. POV. 1.5 Camera $650.00

I had one of those Oregon Scientific helmet camera’s.

I had the ATC-1000 Action Helmet Camera. It was a well put together camera that took a SD memory card and ran off 6 triple AAA batteries. It also came with a mounting bracket for the handle bars and a helmet mount.

The problems I had with this camera was you didn’t know when it was filming or it was off. When the batteries became low it just shut off no warning.

The video pixels were to slow if you ride real slow it would be ok but when you ride fast like the wind as me the video takes time to catch up.

The ATV 1000 at the time I spent $60.00 for it.

The front of the ATV 1000

The SD card go's in the back of the unit with a cap to sill it up.

A good friend of mine Cactus Rod bought a GoPro Digital Helmet Hero Wide-Angle Camera from REI. He liked it at first but then it started to eat up batteries like no tomorrow.

Rod had the same problem didn’t know if it was on or off. Rod mounted it on his helmet it looked alright but it stuck out.

Rod said it would beep at him all the time but he would turn it on then a short time later it would just shut off and not knowing it did. Rod doesn’t use it any more and just uses his reg. photo camera but doesn’t have it mounted.

GoPro Digital Helmet Hero Wide-Angle Camera 190.00

I tried a Kodak Easyshare camera but it would eat two AA batteries up in ten minutes.

I found this old Olympus FE170 I had in the scrap box in the garage. I thought about getting rid of it at one time it sucks at taking photo‘s.

The Olympus would take forever for the shutter to go off. I mean you push the photo button it would take 5 seconds for it to shoot. But I found out that it took great video and on a 2Gig card it ran for an hour and 45 minutes. Greatest thing is that the batteries two Double AA’s would last for a few hours and some times the hole ride.

The Olympus let you know when it was on or off with one beep for On and two beeps for Off. It also let’s you know when the batteries are running low with a few beeps.

But there are some draw backs for one it don’t recode any kind of sound. But who wants to hear Rod cursing about my dust and sounds of gears changing. The second thing is the video runs on a XD memory card and it don’t fit in my computer card reader. I have to down load using a USB cord

The Olympus FE170 $120.

I first mounted it on the handle bars of the bike. But found that it was to shaky from the side to side movement of the handle bars.

Then I came up with a helmet mount that I made with an old handle bar reflector mount. Took the reflector part off and inserted the handle bar part around a portion of my Fox Flux Helmet air vent’s area on the front of the helmet. I had to build up the air vent area with tape so the mount would be snug when I bolted it on. Where the bolt went to hold the reflector on I put a eyebolt.

But I had to thread a nut to the end of the eyebolt so it would stop when the eyebolt was at the end of the camera mounting hole. Over all it works pretty good but I am still trying to get the hang of where to position the camera.

I tend to ride with my head pointing down but looking straight ahead as I ride. I wish I could find a self leveling mount that way the camera would be pointing in the perfect location all the time.

Reflector mounts I leaned never throw anything away never know when you will need it.

Eyebolt with a nut on the end so it don’t thread all the way down.

Fox Flux Helmet '08
Reflector mount with bar tape built up so when you tighten it down it don’t move around

Where the bolt went to hold the reflector on I put a eyebolt. But I had to thread a nut to the end of the eyebolt so it would stop when the eyebolt was at the end of the camera mounting hole.

Olympus camera mount the hole is threaded.

The camera strap I Velcro to the helmet so if a crash and if the mount fails I don’t lose the camera

Well I hope you all have found the perfect video camera that works for you. If you want leave me a commit in the commit box at the bottom of the page on your video camera’s and mounts that work for you.

Till next time Darren…………


FraSiec said...

Nice. That's what I'm talking about.

More than half the fun is rigging these things up yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sireously over looked the gopro, best camera ever