Cyclists Against Reckless Drivers (CARD)‏

Hi Everyone, thank you all for your tremendous support.
Please consider filling out this petition and passing it on to everyone you know.
As you are all aware, this is very close to me right now; the person who hit
me has no insurance and was on drugs when he hit me.
Medical costs to-date are around $980,000. Luckily I have insurance.

Steve Donaldson here. I have started a petition called Cyclist Against
Reckless Drivers (CARD). I need 250000 signatures in order for me to move
forward with it to take it out state legislatures. I am trying to pass
tougher laws for motorist who injure or kill a cyclist through negligence.
Can you please forward to everyone to sign the petition. All you have to do
is click the link and it will take you right there.

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