Scott's $6,500 Genius 10

For those of you who have a hard time choosing between buying a new bike or a new vehicle, the decision just got a little worse. Or did it get better? Scott designed a mountain bike that costs as much as a used car — $6,500! — but seems so much better. The Genius 10, designed to handle everything from super D to multi-day stage races, incorporates Scott’s carbon technology to make it “super light and super stiff.”

Riders have the choice of 150 or 95 millimeters of travel, or full lock-out on the front and rear suspension (accessed via a handlebar-mounted lever). The bike weighs 26 pounds. With a Shimano and SRAM drivetrain, Fox thru-axle front fork and Scott rear, and a frame comprised almost entirely of carbon fiber, it’s hard not to love the looks of the Genius — even if the price tag puts it way out of range for most riders. The Genius 10 will be available next month for $6,500.

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