Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day Oct 3rd 2009

IMBA will celebrate its sixth annual International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Saturday, October 3, 2009.
This is a great opportunity for you to pass your passion for pedaling on to kids!
Find an Event Near You!We're sure this year's event will be even bigger and better than ever. Here are some things you can do to participate:

Organize a ride in your local area. Unfortunately, official registration is now closed, however, you can still plan a ride and take advantage of our online toolkit to help organize and promote your event. If you did register your event by Sept 15, you will be sent a Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Event-in-a-Box, which will include snacks, official Race Plates, and special kids stickers to give away as prizes. Your group will also be eligible for any raffled prizes.

Spread the word. This event is a great opportunity for kids and groups to experience mountain biking for the first time or to get back on the saddle again.
We’ve created an IMBA Toolkit to help you get the word out about your event. In our Toolkit, you will find Posters and templates for Press Releases and Fliers you can use to help publicize your event.

Take a kid on a ride. Plan to go mountain biking on the first Saturday in October - and bring a kid along for the ride! Check out these helpful tips for taking kids riding and learn about other kids' cycling programs.

Kids - ride your mountain bike on October 3 and tell your friends!

IMBA's International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day celebrates the life of Jack Doub, an avid teenage mountain biker from North Carolina who had a true passion for the sport from an early age but passed away in 2002. Funding is provided by the Jack Doub Memorial Endowment. The event will take place each year on the first Saturday in October.

Assistance provided by Trips for Kids, helping disadvantaged kids discover mountain biking since 1988! Trips for Kids chapters nationwide make a difference in kids' lives by opening their world to mountain biking. By starting a Trips for Kids Chapter in your town, you can take disadvantaged kids on mountain biking all year round. Learn how to start a chapter.
Pick the right tool. Kids 2 and under should ride in a trailer. Kids 3-6 can ride small bikes or pedal trailers. Kids 7 and older can ride their own bikes. Helmets are mandatory. Gloves are an excellent idea. Knee guards won't hurt.

Pick a destination. Ride to a spot the kids will think is cool. A waterfall, a herd of bison, an ice cream shop... adults know it's all about the journey, but kids look forward to the destination.
Bring lots of drinks and snacks. Not only is nibbling fun, it keeps kids' hummingbird-like metabolisms stoked and ready to ride. Don't forget sunscreen.

Make it easy. Keep rides short and not steep. This is your chance to turn video game masters into mountain bikers. If the kids think riding is hard, it's back to the X-Box.

Stop often. Kids' energy comes in bursts. Give them a chance to replenish their bodies - and their attention spans.

There's more than one way to mountain bike. While old farts love long singletracks, young riders often prefer urban terrain, skate parks, dirt jump areas, BMX tracks and pump tracks. A fun ride might combine some of the above plus some trails. Be creative.

Lee McCormack is a journalist, bike skills instructor and co-author of "Mastering Mountain Bike Skills." Lee lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two kids. For more riding tips, check out Lee's site, www.leelikesbikes.com

The only thing better than Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day is taking kids mountain biking every day! If recreational outings that open doors for disadvantaged young people sound good to you, we're the organization you've been looking for.

Trips for Kids provides the materials, moral support and inspiration an individual or group needs to help disadvantaged kids discover the joy of mountain biking. Operating in the United States and Canada, we open the world of cycling to at-risk youth through mountain bike rides and Earn-A-Bike programs. Our more than sixty Trips for Kids chapters combine lessons in personal responsibility, achievement and environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun. Chapters have been participating in IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day since its inception.

Trips for Kids National grew out of the success of the first Trips for Kids chapter, started by avid mountain biker and environmentalist Marilyn Price in Marin County, California in 1988. Marilyn knew that many kids who lived in the inner-cities of the San Francisco Bay Area had never experienced the beauty of open space just a few miles away in Marin County. By the late 1990s, Trips for Kids Marin had evolved from a one-woman enterprise into a 15-person organization, and Marilyn realized that she had an obligation to share the wisdom she had gained with the rest of the country. She formed Trips for Kids National in 1999.
Today, with support from our many generous sponsors, Trips for Kids National provides a new challenge for youth from many different backgrounds who face many different challenges. Some come from the inner city where there is temptation to join a gang. Some live on reservations where after-school activities are limited. Some come from homes where there's just not enough money to buy a bicycle. Despite their differences, all the kids have one thing in common - they are kids, and kids love bikes.

While some Trips for Kids chapters are started by an individual, other chapters have been started by organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and Boys Scouts of America. Still more have evolved out of public and private agencies committed to serving underprivileged youth such as charter schools, public health agencies, non-profit organizations, and bike clubs.
In addition, volunteer programs, community learning centers, community health organizations, and counseling and treatment centers have started TFK chapters. If you volunteer or work for a bike club, agency, school, or other organization, consider starting a chapter in your own organization or community.
It's a great way to encourage kids to explore their natural surroundings and learn about themselves and their world in a meaningful way.
Contact Trips for Kids about starting a chapter - 415-459-2817
Coronado K-8 School Mountain Bike Club
This is a school-club sponsored event. If other community members would like to participate, a Liability Waiver will need to be signed. All riders not from the school club must be accompanied by an adult (parent or designee).
Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
Location: Tucson,AZ 85739
Event Location: 50-Year Trail - Meeting at the Golden Ranch Road Parking Area.
Event Start Time: 7am
Event Type: IMBA-affiliated mountain bike club and School
Contact: Hank Rowe 696-6674 Email: hrowe@amphi.com
Epic Rides, Inc

The gathering location is on private land of Show Low Bluff development, a forward-thinking multi-use housing development designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Show Low is located at approximately 6,400 feet in Arizona's White Mountains.
Location: Show Low, AZ 85901
Event Location: Show Low Bluff developments
Event Start Time: 7:30am
Contact: Stefanie Teller Phone: 520-745-2033 Email: steller@epicrides.com

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