Cave Creek Trail Run

Cave Creek Trail Run
Saturday, April 3, 2010
The Town of Cave Creek is engaged in a monumental effort to preserve pristine Sonoran Desert lands north of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

By annexing over 6,000 acres of State Land into the Town, Cave Creek negotiated a plan to preserve over 4,000 acres as permanent open space which will be used for trail running, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and as a buffer against rapid urban expansion. This land must be purchased from the State Land Department. To raise the funds necessary for this critical preservation effort, the Town is hosting a number of special events to showcase the lands being protected, generate public interest and raise money for acquisition of this open space.

There are miles upon miles of trails surrounding Cave Creek in which not many trail runners know about, until now. This inaugural event will be taking you through pristine Sonoran Desert in which you will experience all the wonders of nature and geology while raising funds in order to keep it as open space. The entire route of this event is within a portion of the 4,000 acres to be purchased. You will observe for yourself why it is so important to save this land as open space. All of the proceeds go directly to the purchase of the Open Space Land. With your participation, you are making a difference, a difference in which you, and future generations will be able to reap the benefits, forever....

It’s not often you can find a town like Cave Creek, Arizona that has preserved its wild west character so well after more than 100 years especially when its located so close to rapidly growing cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix. But Cave Creek, established as a gold mining town and stopping point for the U.S. Calvary in the mid 1870’s, is not like most other towns. While most of the buildings built in the 1800’s are probably gone, many that are standing have been there longer than anyone can remember and are reminiscent of what things looked like in the Wild West so long ago.

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