Bicyclist Says Woman Tried To Run Him Over

Witnesses Corroborate Cyclist's Story, Saying Driver Revved Up Engine To Hit Man Intentionally

She hit him with her car, backed up, and went after him again.

CHICAGO (CBS) ―  That's how a local bicyclist describes what happened to him when he got into an argument with a woman on the road. Tonight, his bike is just a warped pile of metal. As CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports, police have a license plate number, but the driver's still out there.

His bike may be in pieces, but Tim Heath is lucky he's not.
When someone is clearly, intentionally revving up to run you over, that's really intimidating," said Heath.

As Heath tells it, he got into a spat over lane space with a female motorist at the corner of Milwaukee and Diversey.

"She had already tried to cut me off earlier," said Heath.

The twisted story of what happened next seems classic road rage.

"At that point, she got really aggravated, and started yelling and screaming, and threatening that she was gonna run me over," said Heath. "She came blasting forward, and luckily I had this bike between me and her, and the bike took the beating."

From her Jeep, witness Nicole Zimmerer saw it all.

"She knew exactly what she was doing. She deliberately ran over this guy," said Zimmerer. "She backed up a couple of feet and then she just drove right over him."

Zimmerer is one of four witnesses we spoke with who rushed to help the injured cyclist. They all tell almost identical stories.

"It was horrifying, I thought he was going to lose his leg," said Zimmerer.

"Several other people tried to chase her, but she kept speeding on," said Heath.

"I turned, I tried to block her. I wanted her to hit me," said Zimmerer.

She said there is "absolutely no way" the driver did not know she hit Heath.

"I was relatively spared. I have a nice big laceration across my leg. She ran over my foot," said Heath.

Heath was able to provide police with a license plate number, tagged to a Mitsubishi Galant at a North Side address, where no one was home Tuesday afternoon.

"I know one of the drivers spoke to police briefly, but I never saw police get out of the car to speak to any other people," said Heath.

Earlier in the day, police said the case had yet to be assigned to a detective. They report their records make no mention of the suspect's verbal threats, and that officers only spoke to one of the four possible witnesses.

As Tim Heath wonders why, he is also counting his blessings.

"I was very, very, very lucky that all those people were so very kind to me," said Heath.

As of Tuesday night, the 14th District commander said police have made contact with the driver, and they are making arrangements for her to turn herself into authorities Wednesday. They have yet to announce what charges she may face.

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Tim Heath said...

Turns out after weeks of evading police she was found at her boyfriend's house (incidentally he was also the passenger in the car at the time of the incident). After many more weeks of court proceedings she was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 6 months down state in the penitentiary. I have yet to get any restitution for my bike which was totaled or medical bills.