Red Rock Ranger District's Trails Proposal

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Red Rock Ranger District's Trails Proposal 
 Deadline June 30th!

The Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District is interested in hearing your thoughts on possible new trails and trailheads within the greater Sedona Az.area. Trails and trail heads are being considered by the District as additions to the existing Red Rock Ranger District trail system. Flagstaff Biking Organization is strongly in favor of this proposal! For those familiar with the trails in Sedona, the District is considering including Hangover Trail, Highline Trail, Slim Shady and Made in the Shade Trails and many others. Although we do not condone the construction of trails without Forest Service study and approval, we do feel that the adoption of the trails, with some realignments to improve sustainability, is a necessary addition to the system in Sedona. In the words of the proposal, "No person should infer from this proposal that future unauthorized trails will be considered for adoption. If you have a specific idea for a new trail, please contact the Red Rock Ranger District." Please let the Red Rock District know that you, too, are in favor of incorporating these great routes into the system! See here for complete details. Please submit comments to Jennifer Burns, at the Red Rock Ranger District by email or mail, PO Box 20429, Sedona, AZ 86341, before June 30th!

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