nPower PEG

Now you can be your own recharging station to all of your USB enabled devices. Cell phones, iPods, Kindles, GPS units, and just about any other hand-held electronic device can be charged by this renewable energy source.

A kinetic energy generator based on a wave energy converter, the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator) can go with you anywhere and will recharge your devices as you walk, run, hike or bike. By harvesting vertical movements of your everyday activities, they state that it is “able to charge handheld mobile electronic devices at the same rate as a wall charger, which means most devices reach an 80% charge with just an hour of walking throughout the day.” Just think of how much additional energy you could create at the green gym!
Some other great features of the PEG:

Generating 4 Watts outputted through a USB 2.0 standard plug

Constructed out of anodized aluminum

Measures 9 inches tall and weighs 9 ounces

Produces renewable energy

100% recyclable

Components made of recycled ABS material

RoHS Compliant

Does not contain a battery

Power Up 

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FraSiec said...

how much does one of these cost?