Glendale Glitter & Glow

Block Party 2011

I was hoping to see 30 to 50 balloons and all next to each other all lit up glowing.
 Over all there was only 10 balloons if that that I seen and not next to each other. There were only two or three balloons on each street.

There was way to many people in such a tight place. It was shoulder to shoulder pushing and shoving. The food lines were all long and there was more food then I seen drink and 30min wait. The restrooms were all crowded and few in between.

At first we were going to park at Glendale Collage but we arrived there and the lines were full and no busses in sight. So we headed downtown decided to pay the $10.00 to park the best idea we had. Traffic on 59 ave was crazy it was like the first night at the fair. The parking garage was half empty because no one wanted to pay to park.

So over all the night was ok got me out of the house. The event sucked and I don’t think I will ever go back unless they had it in a better location. The best part of the night was spending time with friends and not having to wait in line for the bus to go back.  

Next Year We Will See You At The Cave Creek Balloon Event.
The End!

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