When Tragedy Strikes

When tragedy strikes

  The effects are swift and devastating. The 100 Club of Arizona recognizes the need to respond immediately with support and understanding. Whatever the need – financial, advisory or moral support, the 100 Club of Arizona is there to ease the pain of the family of those in fire, public safety or law enforcement injured or killed in the line-of-duty.

In 1965, a young Phoenix officer was killed in the line-of-duty. Several acquaintances with knowledge of the Detroit 100 Club got together and started the Phoenix 100 Club, which was officially organized in 1968. One of the earliest members was Frank Haze Burch. Frank’s father was the first Phoenix police officer killed in the line-of-duty in 1924, when Frank was just five years old.

The charter mission of the 100 Club of Arizona was to come to the immediate financial aid of the family of an officer who gave his or her life in the line-of-duty. As time passed, this mission expanded and changed. At one time, education assistance and medical insurance were provided to survivors. The club even paid for a fallen officer’s mother’s yard to be mowed for several years, until her death, because the officer had always mowed her lawn.

The 100 Club of Arizona includes more than 2,500 members, and continually seeks to raise awareness of its mission and gain new members from all walks of life. As a member of the 100 Club of Arizona, you are asked to be a civic-minded individual, support the mission of the organization, pay annual dues of $150, and that you don’t use your membership for personal or professional gain. Corporate memberships start at $500 per year, but are open ended. Some organizations have been able to provide as much as $20,000 annually. The fulfillment you receive from aiding families is a treasure that money can’t buy. 

All 100 Club of Arizona events have a purpose: to pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to the citizens of Arizona

100 Club of Arizona’s mission
To respond in a moment’s notice when our public safety families face tragedy.

The Safety Enhancement Stipends (SES) program began in 2004 to provide assistance to public safety agencies for the purchase of equipment or to provide training to enhance the safety of officers and firefighters. The program allows agencies to obtain equipment and training that is unavailable through other funding.

Everyday public safety agents, deputies, firefighters and officers go to work knowing they could lose their lives to save others.

When it comes to supporting the 100 Club of Arizona there are many ways you can contribute. Of course there is always the obvious way, with financial support, such as yearly memberships. Memberships range from a Pet membership of $25 per year to our Presidential Corporate membership of $50,000 per year. Donations are also a great way to support our cause. Whether the donation is for $1.00 or $1,000, every bit helps.

Another way to support the 100 Club is to volunteer your time. Volunteers help the employees of the 100 Club of Arizona. Without this help it would be next to impossible for us to reach the entire state of Arizona. In addition to helping us spread the word about our cause, volunteers accompany us to events that we may need help with, and often offer their business services. Don’t have time to volunteer? Then proudly display one of our bumper stickers on the back of your vehicle. It is as easy as that.

The 100 Club of Arizona
5033 N. 19th Ave., Suite. 123, Phoenix, AZ 85015
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