Black Widow

Spider Holster
Managing a camera in the outdoors can be a pain. One solution, is the Black Widow Camera Holster from Shai Gear LLC. The goal is to get your DSLR from hip to hands in a flash and change the way you carry your camera. Unlike traditional methods such as the manufacture’s strap or 3rd party straps offers a belt-mounted system for western-style quick draw of a camera. Thus reducing stress on the neck, shoulders and back. No more fishing in a camera bag or wearing a camera strap slung over my neck. The holster sits on your hip or behind your back on your belt, the camera ready to grab in a flash. The construction of the Black Widow Camera Holster are very sturdy and lightweight which makes it perfect for shooting for long periods of time.  

It works with a small threaded knob that screws into the tripod mounting nut on the camera body. Simply lower the knob into the holster and it locks securely in place. To release, a quick flip of a lever allows you to lift the camera from the holster, and you’re off and shooting! 

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