Jerome To Williams


The Perkinsville Bridge
Built over the Verde River was built in 1921.

It is a Pratt through truss bridge.
In Pratt truss bridges, the interior diagonals slope down towards the center, and are under tension. Vertical elements are under compression. In general, if pure tension elements are used in the diagonals (such as eye bars) then crossing diagonal elements may also be needed near the center to accept concentrated live loads as they traverse the span. The Perkinsville Bridge shows down-sloping diagonals and additional crossing, up-sloping diagonals.

Rails heading to Clark Az.

Mike at Pine Flats.

Wire cutting into this old pine tree.
A metal plate nailed into this tree some time ago.
Looking up into the old pine tree.
1941 Survey Marker.
Looks like Squash but don't know.
Santa Fe Reservoir 
Ceated by Santa Fe Dam on Cataract Creek in Coconino County, Arizona and is used for drinking water purposes. Construction was completed in 1892. At normal levels it has a surface area of 14 acres. It is owned by the City Of Williams.

Santa Fe, also known as Santa Fe Reservoir is masonry. The foundation is rock. Its height is 44.3 feet with a length of 454 feet. Maximum discharge is 700 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 260 acre feet. Normal storage is 215 acre feet. It drains an area of 4.7 square miles.

So heading to Flagstaff on I-40 east about 5:30 pm from Williams Az. Came to A-1 road turned off seen a forest road # 518 drove that looking for elk. On the map it shows SR 180 not to far off. So we drive it a few miles in came to a mountain loop road we made a right. Drove that to FR # 222 took a right and seen a sign saying SR180 two mile. We came out at the white forestry house the you see after Snow Bowl Road. A this sign for G.A. Pearson. So over all cut out 50 miles and avoided Flag all together.
A controlled burn at Snow Bowl Mountain.
Burning cut timber from where they are making new ski runs.

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