Bike Cafes

Sedona Arizona
Bike & Bean
Bicycling and coffee have a strong connection. Riders have been congregating at cafés since the sport became popular in Europe in the 19th Century, and coffee can certainly stimulate the system before hitting the trails. 

So it is no surprise that cafés catering to cyclists have cropped up in recent years.

Bike cafés are now proliferating in biking-friendly cities, like Seattle, San Francisco and Sedona, Arizona. Riders at the Bike & Bean can get air in their tires and a tune-up, socialize before and after rides and drink some excellent coffee.

 Sedona Bike & Bean is across the street from
a major trail head in Sedona, Arizona.

         6020 Hwy 179 , Sedona, AZ 86351
                  Tel: (928) 284-0210 Fax: (928) 284-4144 
               Bike Rentals           

Phone: 928.284.9327 Toll Free: 1.877.284.9237
Fax: 928.284.0832
120 Canyon Circle Drive Sedona,
Arizona 86351
It’s as close to Heaven on Earth as you can get.

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