The Next Big Thing
The STRINGBIKE drivetrain has a unique, streamline, aesthetic design that is simply beautiful.

The bike that uses revolutionary, chainless, alternating drive technology. This all-new design is fundamentally different from all traditional drive systems and offers numerous benefits. It is innovative and ingenious, in terms of both functionality and appearance
A new dimension in cycling with its uniquely smooth and easy driving sensation.

The Stringdrive symmetric driving system, the pure rolling motion provides for peak efficiency in all gears that remains unchanged even after long periods of use.

The Stringdrive enables quick and easy gear changes, even under high load.

No dead spots means less stress for the same power output, due to faster and easier pedal rotation through the upper and lower gear
Revolutionary technology and top quality – STRINGBIKE materials are manufactured mainly in Germany. The unique drivetrain with its futuristic design combines CNC technology, Laser Cutting, high-tech German GMN freewheel clutches and Dyneema (HDPE) string. Each drivetrain is assembled manually ensuring high-precision results.

 The gear technology with its 19 gears allows for smooth gearshifts
 under load or without pedalling
The heart and soul of STRINGBIKE 

 Connecting you with the world

 Strong, durable and extremely flexible, this same technology is used in fitness rooms to lift weights and in heavy-duty sailing equipment.

   No tearing, no lubrication – and it stays in place.

Be Our Partner Ride A Stringbike!

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