4-Wheel Pedal Bike

Having debuted to the cycling world at Interbike 2011, the Contes Engineering Athos represents the arrival of a daydream into the real world. Inspired by BMX, Freestyle, Downhill and Motocross, Athos marries the intense stability and handling characteristics of a quad with the flexibility of a bicycle.
With over 8 inches of suspension travel and the weight distribution of a BMX bike, Athos attacks the track and trail with a vengeance. Four wheel independent suspension. Disc brakes, front and rear. Traction enhancing differential. Available air suspension. Just a few of the features that make Athos the next big thing in competition cycling.
You may have seen a prototype prowling your neighborhood. You may have even heard word that demonstrators would be hitting the track or trail near your in Winter of 2011.  

Stay up to date on our events page to learn just when & where you might be able to get your hands on one to try out. 

First retail deliveries will begin in April of 2012.
 Bump-eating independent suspension
 on the Athos

Additional Features
Powder-coated components
Nylon suspension bushings
Hand-welded and assembled
Uses standardized cycling hardware
for greater customizability
It draws a crowd wherever it goes.
Other riders move aside just to see it in action. 
It encourages defiance of gravity.
  It enjoys drifting, rock hopping and passing. 

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