Backcountry Boiler

Is an esoteric stove-type product called “the world’s first ultra light chimney kettle.” The stove is marketed to ultra-light backpackers and other wilderness types in need of hot water in the Backcountry with little fuss.

Just add some kindling under the Backcountry Boiler, strike a match, and wait for the water inside to bubble and steam. Within a few minutes in little as five minutes for a couple cups of water goes from cold to bubbling hot A batch of boiling liquid ready to make tea or rehydrate a backpacking meal.

 What makes this product so popular is its simplicity. The unit combines the function of a stove and a cooking pot all in one. It also eliminates the dependency on gas or other liquid fuel. Dry grass, pine needles, sticks, and tree bark are among the  items found in the forest that can power this stove. 

Its unique design makes water boil fast. Place your kindling under the Backcountry Boiler’s main body and light. Fire devourers dry wood or other natural “fuel” inside the unit’s chamber, which is a cone-shape open area that forces flames and heat to roar out through the top.
 All around the fire inside is metal surface area with water on the other side of a thin wall. 
Heat transfer through the aluminum easily converts the water from lukewarm to extra hot.
 The product is fairly small and light — a little bigger than a 1-liter water bottle, and about 8 ounces in weight. 

The body is a hard anodized aluminum, and the stove comes with a silicone cork to seal the water hole shut when needed. A neoprene sleeve serves as a heat guard, letting you handle the boiler even as the water bubbles inside

The Backcountry Boiler costs $100 

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