Mountain Shoe

I’m always looking for a good mountain bike shoe something that has good traction for when I’m hike-a-biking. 

Salomon Lab is a process of making dedicated products to meet the individual fit and performance needs of our international team. Athletes and designers work together, through every step of the process, because a millimeter or a gram is ultimately the difference between gold and silver.

Is a low, light, monster grip and won't soak up water, designed by racers for racers.
Price US .$128.00

Racing version trail running shoe designed with direct input from the world’s best athletes. Light weight welded upper and aggressive outsole tread racing off road in wet, muddy conditions. 
Price US $160.00

Designed with a non-abrasive connection system. 
A unique gaiter to protect your footwear from external fragment intrusion.
Price US .$28.00

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