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 They launched their Aspire line of socks early in January 2011. Compared to their regular performance socks, the Aspire models have more ”managed compression” throughout, use a 200 needle knit and a linked toe. The latter means there’s no raised seam anywhere on the toe, which makes them very smooth.

They’re made in the USA with mostly domestic sourced components. They’re made of Olefin, which Swiftwick’s Sales VP Grant Castle says makes for greener overall construction because the dye is ingrained in the material without requiring post production dyeing. It also wicks mechanically, like wool, without requiring chemical wicking agents. They also use a high grade T6T6 nylon, which Castle says is more supple and durable, too.

The Aspire’s varying levels of compression and support are visible throughout the construction, from toe to ankle. This gives them a very snug fit that didn’t move around inside my cycling shoes or bunch at all. And, because they stay put, there was never any rubbing or discomfort that could lead to blisters.

They offer a dizzying array of heights, ranging from Zero (left) to 12 (right), which sort of doubles as a compression sock Swiftwick Aspire is a phenomenal cycling sock and I highly recommend it.

Pricing ranges from $12 up to $35 depending on height.
 The most environmentally friendly materials and processes are used in building Swiftwick's synthetic sock. As the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, olefin retains less than .01% of its weight in moisture. It also resists deterioration from detergents and perspiration. This produces a fast drying, lightweight sock with incredible breathability. The capillary action of trilobal nylons and multifilament olefin is a mechanical wicking action, which by design, manages moisture without the need for chemicals. Balancing for intended thickness, performance, cost and purpose, each line is constructed specifically for fit and function.

 Swiftwick socks were born, tested and forged in cycling, one of the most demanding endurance sports, where equipment is expensive and a cheap sock is unacceptable, period. The FOUR enjoys a cult following in all materials and styles, and individualism, style and color are a premium - custom VISION line Swiftwicks are highly coveted collector items.
 Swiftwick uses the finest materials in every aspect of sock construction. The primary wicking material is merino wool or the durable extruded olefin -- one natural, one synthetic. No cotton. No acrylic. No chemicals. No cheap nylon. No corners cut. If you want a natural material in your sock, shop the merino product line. Select synthetic socks to wander through our various olefin based product lines.

 Swiftwick has just put out a great pair of armwarmers made from Olefin. Slide these form fitting sleeves onto your arms and you are going to be thrilled by the comfort and warmth provided.
Price US $24.99
7104 Crossroads Blvd, Suite 123
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: Toll-Free (US Only) (800) 895-5858
Fax: Local and International: (866) 813-4165

They guarantee it's the best sock you'll ever wear

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