Fat-Tire Bike's

Fork measures 447mm axle-to-crown...same as the Pug, so all of our fat forks are interchangeable between the two models. The disc mount allows you to use a front disc brake caliper with a 135mm O.L.D. rear hub…or with a 135mm-spaced Surly front hub. Mid-blade thru-eyelets and lower rack barrels are included for installing fenders and racks. We offer the Moonlander as a frameset and as a complete bike. The complete bike components were chosen for their durability and their suitability to the task at hand. We chose thumbshifters because they allow you to shift even when wearing mittens. To accommodate the Clown Shoe rim/Big Fat Larry tire spec, the frame design pushes the chainline even farther outboard than that of the Pugsley. So we spec’d Moonlander with our new MWOD crank system. The MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) ditches the big ring and moves the middle and granny ring outboard. The 2 x 9 drive train offers the gear ratios most applicable to a bike of this type while avoiding chain/tire interference.

The stealth bomber in our fleet. The frame and fork are black with subtle black and gray decals. The rims are black. The spokes are black. Almost everything is black. But this bike isn't just an alternate color version of the standard Pugsley. Where the standard Pugsley sports 65mm-wide Large Marge double-wall rims, the Neck Romancer utilizes our 82mm-wide single-wall Rolling Darryl rims to expand its tire footprint, increasing its traction and all-terrain floatation. The increase in rim width puts the tire closer to the chain, so to avoid chain rub we spec’d this bike with our MWOD rings on a Mr. Whirly crankset. This provides all the chain/tire clearance necessary while retaining low- and mid-range gearing for crawling through the sticky and flying under the radar. The Neck Romancer Pug is available as a complete bike (with a Moonlander fork) and as a frame, no fork.

Has 135mm-spaced horizontal rear-loading dropouts with a derailleur hanger. This means you can set it up with a derailleured drivetrain or an internally-geared hub. Run it with a singlespeed freewheel or a fixed cog. You have lots of drivetrain choices.

The stock fork accepts a 135mm rear mountain hub, just like the frame. This makes it easier to install and remove the wheel (a big tire on a big rim benefits from a wide opening), and it allows front and rear wheel interchangeability. This means you can have the ability to carry another full gear cluster, a singlespeed freewheel, or a fixed cog on the front wheel. And should something go wrong with your primary drivetrain, you have the option of swapping wheels and continuing on your journey or retreating to a place where you can make necessary repairs.

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