Snowpulse Airbag

Similar to a life vest used in water, the Snowpulse Airbag is designed to keep you on your back with your head out of the snow. With the innovative shape and position of the 150 litre airbag, the Snowpulse airbag is the best solution for keeping an avalanche victim on the surface and avoiding asphyxiation
It is important to know that 10 to 25% (and almost 30% in North America) of avalanche deaths were due to shocks, and injuries to the chest and head represented 88% of cases. Only Snowpulse Airbags are designed to protect the head, back of neck and chest.

Thanks to Snowpulse’s innovative solution, the Snowpulse airbag is an extremely light and compact avalanche system. Because the airbag is stored in the shoulder straps, valuable carrying space is saved, and the weight is well distributed on your back and close to your body. Snowpulse backpacks offer considerable comfort, whatever the load.
The airbag is enclosed using a special ‘Burst Zipper’ which runs along the shoulder straps and over the top of the bag. When the airbag is inflated the ‘Burst Zipper’ opens allowing the airbag to inflate. The zipper is not damaged during inflation and canbe rezipped and reused.
In the event of an avalanche, the air stored in the high-pressure cylinder is released by simply pulling the handle. A combination of compressed air and a Venturi effect inflates the airbag in just 3 seconds.

Once the airbag has been inflated it protects the victim from shocks while simultaneously pulling them to the surface thanks to the inverse segregation phenomenon.

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