The Ray Mine

Kearny Arizona
Tucson-based copper-mining giant Asarco will celebrate more than 100 years of operations in Arizona today and reports that its operations are growing.
Asarco operates the Mission mine near Sahuarita, the Ray mine near Kearny Az and the Silver Bell mine near Marana Az as well as its 101-year-old concentrator and 100-year-old smelter in Hayden Az.

The mine has enough reserves to operate until 2044

The Hayden smelter mostly processes material from Asarco's mines but also does some processing for other mining companies, such as Phoenix-based Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.
Once copper ore is processed at the smelter into anodes that are about 98.5 percent to 99 percent pure copper, it is shipped to Amarillo, Texas, where Asarco further refines it so it can be used for wiring, electrical components and other materials.
Asarco employs about 2,600 people, mostly in Arizona, and some of them have been working at the concentrator and smelter for generations.

The Ray Operations consists of a 250,000 ton/day open pit mine with a 30,000 ton/day concentrator, a 103 million pound/year solvent extraction-electrowinning operation, and associated maintenance, warehouse and administrative facilities. Cathode copper produced in the SX-EW operation is shipped to outside customers and the Asarco Amarillo Copper Refinery.

A local railroad, Copper Basin Railway, transports ore from the mine to the Hayden concentrator, concentrate from the Ray concentrator to the smelter, and sulphuric acid from the smelter to the leaching facilities.

1880 – Mineral Creek Mining Company
1883 – Ray Copper Company
1898 – Globe Mines Exploration Co., Ltd.
1899 – Ray Copper Mines, Ltd.
1906 – Gila & Ray Copper Companies
1910 – Ray Consolidated Copper Company
1911 – Underground Mine
1927 – Nevada Consolidated Copper Company
1933 – Kennecott Copper Corporation, Ray Mines Division
1948 – Stripping Began
1952 – Open-Pit Mine Began
1955 – Underground Mine Ceased
1986 – Ray Unit purchased from Kennecott
1989 – Hayden Concentrator modernization
1991 – Ray Complex formed
1992 – Ray Concentrator commissioned; expansion of Ray mine completed
1996 – Hayden Concentrator modernization
1998 – Ferric cure leaching commenced
1999 – Ray secondary crusher commissioned, Tankhouse renovation completed
2000 - Ray and Hayden Operations formed

 Ray Mine Copper Smelter

 An 11-foot-diameter tire from a 360-ton haul truck

 The 360t payload trucks will be utilised to move high quantities of material at the Ray open pit mine, near Phoenix, Arizona, as older and smaller capacity haulage equipment is gradually phased out of operation. The new trucks are equipped with MTU/DDC 20V4000 diesel engines and Michelin 56/80R63 low profile tires.

 360-ton haul truck

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