Off Road Camping Moby-1


Is built around the principle that one should be able to hook up their vehicle and head out into the wilderness and don't look back. Hand crafted one at a time with all components hand picked as the highest quality available. Many components are not available off the shelf and are designed and built in house specially for this trailer. The ability to keep all of your camping adventure gear contained with in the trailer for your next adventure at a moments notic. 

The XTR is capable of tackling any terrain where your ventures may take you. With 4-5″ of travel the dependable our custom coil suspension on independent A-arms with adjustable shocks will glide smoothly across rough terrain. It effortlessly absorbs the abuse of endless miles of washboard roads, steps, drops and bumps of knarly off-road adventures. Difficult terrain is no problem when paired with a multi-axis style coupler. It’s frame has severe-duty reinforcements for durability, protection in rough conditions.

Options include
Roof Top Tent with capacity of up to 4 with an awning with 3 removable side walls. A sink with running hot and cold water, hot water heater, fully integrated propane forced air cabin heater, outdoor shower, free standing awning with available side wall panels, cabin air conditioning, solar panels, portable toilet, generator and much more to support and sustain life.

The XTR series with trailing A-arm coil sprung suspension, 3500lb easy lube axle spindles, Rancho 9000XL adjustable shocks, expedition series cabinetry, two cabin doors, exo-skeletal frame and fender support/protection, 10” electric brakes with single lever, dual action park brake, receiver tongue for use with multiple coupler options including a standard 2″ ball, multi-axis couplers*, or pintle rings, and all LED trailer lighting to meet federal requirements. Standard 48″ (4′) width x 108″ cabin length.

The XTR is also available in ,54″ (4.5′) x 108″ and 60″ (5′) x 108″ sizes. A 48” width fits a “3/4 Full” size mattress, 54″ fits a Full size mattress and 60” fits a Queen size mattress 60” x 80”. Cabin length – 108″‘ Also standard are 31 x 10.50 R15 BF Goodrich all terrain tires on 15″ aluminum rims, available with 17″ custom wheels and tires up to 37″.


Cycling Off Road Camping

If you love cycling and you love going off road and camping too, you probably already have a trailer of some kind to help you carry all your gear. But this making it even easier to get out and about and do some camping at the same time.

The mini-camper is called the Midget Bushtrekka, has been developed specifically for bicycle touring. Created by Kamp-Rite, with this cool an ultra-compact tent with cot-bed and some cozy amenities now the bikers who love outdoor adventures have their very own bike-trailer.

The Midget Bushtrekka is built for off road experiences as well as sticking to the cycle paths. And it manages to pack a lot into its space too. It has four chunky wheels two on each side and the top of the Bushtrekka is actually a tent that can sleep one person.

With two wheels under each side of the trailer, harnessed to a pivoting rocker frame, the trailer can easily absorb most of the uneven terrain in its environment. Each set of wheels operates independently of the other, creating a clutter free underbelly on the trailer. By adjusting the positioning of each pivot frame vertically, the ride height of the unit can be adjusted for bikes from 20" up to 29".

The 56 pounds Midget Bushtrekka it features 41 gallons of storage space and fully adjustable leveling jacks to ensure no matter what terrain your setting up on, the unit can be presented to a horizontal position for sleeping comfort. Easy storage access at all times, even when set up, ensures you have what you need, when you need it. trailer also features fully adjustable levelling jacks to ensure no matter what terrain your setting up on, the unit can be presented to a horizontal position for sleeping comfort

Couple the trailer with the remarkable features of the Oversize or Original Tentcot and you are seriously set to travel. The TentCot conventienly folds away atop the trailer with its own waterproof cover to suit.

If you don’t like sleeping in a tent on the ground, this could be the ideal if slightly expensive alternative though.

Bed Size:
90" L x 32" W
Tent Size: 90" L x 32" W x 40" H
Trailer Dimensions 35" W x 44" L x 8" H
Weight: 56 lbs
The downside here is the cost. While the Busktrekka provides a complete sleeping area for one and plenty of storage to boot, it cost US $899 they are available on the Kamprite store.

Sky’s The Limit

Are you looking for a more versatile camping solution, a safari, mountain or beach retreat, or an urban garden treehouse that avoids planning restrictions, with tentsile the sky really is the only limit.

Tentsile was conceived by architect and treehouse designer, Alex Shirley-Smith, as a portable treehouse that can provide comfortable accommodation in forests as well as any other type of environment. 

The structure comprises a collapsable frame of webbing straps with fire retardant, UV and water resistant polyester fabric infill panels. The frame is held in tension by elongates which collect at each of the three high level anchor points, and under the floor to form internal spaces.     

The benefits

As tentsile is suspended above ground level, can be easily erected over water logged ground, desert sands and rocky landscapes. Due to the unique design, the tent provides a level trampoline style floor in any terrain or inclination. It’s elevated position does away with the need to clear the site of foliage and provides separation from flood, sand storms, earth tremors, cold and lumpy ground as well as offering increased protection from wildlife, including insects, snakes and other predators.     

Tentsile is hand made

Range 1 is currently available in three sizes;
3-4 person
5-8 person versions
Range 2 is currently in development and will be available from late summer 2012.

All you'll want to is hang out in trees!

Wearable Sleeping Bag

Selk'bag Sleepwear System
Originally developed in 2006, the Selk'bag Sleepwear System was created by Rodrigo Alonso of Musuchouse in Santiago, Chile. 
Mountain’s Best Gear, North American distributor of the Selk’bag Sleepwear System  announces the fourth edition of its technical sleepwear system, Selk’bag 4G Lite. With lighter-weight materials, brighter colors and more refined sizing and fit than the previous third generation model, the 4G Lite is the sleepwear system for recreational camping, indoor wear, car travel and even tailgating.
The new 4G Lite builds upon the success of Selk’bag’s original mobile and comfortable sleepwear system created by Rodrigo Alonso of Müsuc in Santiago, Chile. The uncommonly comfortable Selk'bag is an excellent solution for those who are unsatisfied with traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags.

Reinforced nylon soles and ripstop and water-resistant fabric make the 4G Lite durable for outdoor use. The 4G Lite’s thermal collar and baffled construction keep the wearer warm at all angles, as well.

“Selk’bag 4G Lite is an evolution in what people should be expecting from sleeping bags,” says Phil Benson, CEO of Mountain’s Best Gear. “This sleepwear system provides mobility and lightweight warmth at an affordable price.”

The 4G Lite has a comfort rating of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for two-season wear. By simplifying the third generation version, Selk’bag has created a more consumer-friendly sleeping bag alternative with no-zip, quick-release hand systems, sleeker design and a more snug fit.

Available in kid and adult sizing, the 4G Lite comes in three bold, fun colors – Dark Shadow, a dark grey, Surf the Web, a royal blue, and Hyacinth Violet.
Technical features include:
  • Baffled construction to eliminate cold spots
  • Soft, yet durable ripstop nylon shell with DWR (durable water resistant) finish
  • Reinforced nylon soles prevent wear and lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces
  • A hood with drawstring for added warmth
  • Compacting carry sack
  • Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
  • Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers
  • Wide zipper tape, preventing snags

Selk’bag 4G Lite is available for purchase from Selk’bag’s online store and other retailers including Mountain Gear at $79 for the kids’ version and $99 for adults

Double Vision

 Dual Eyewear

Do you use reading glasses or bifocals and ride bikes? You may benefit from Dual Eyewear sunglasses, which combine a sporty frame with a lens that has magnification on its lower half.

Essentially bifocals for active types, Dual Eyewear addresses the issue of needing to see cycling computers, GPS devices, or your watch up close while rolling down the road. Looking forward while riding, vision is not manipulated; they are normal sunglasses. But look down to read your speed, heart rate, or other stats and the Dual Eyewear provides magnification to make things more clear.

Before and After

While none of our testers wear bifocals, we tried out the glasses and can say that they seem to work. The glass is clear, and the magnification area is not too noticeable while pedaling until you make an effort to glance down.

The lightweight, sport-styled shades come in three styles, all equipped with the “optimized magnification zone” so you don’t have to squint when you look at a small screen

The glass, a shatter-proof polycarbonate, comes in clear and amber. The lenses are 100% UV protecting, and the frame has a solid feel on the head with wrap-around bows and a non-slip rubber nose piece. They are super light, with the Dual SL2 model tipping the scale at just 20 grams.

Dual Eyewear glasses sell for a reasonable $50 a pair and are offered in three magnification levels for a range of eyesight needs.

Gravity Water Filter

Gravity Works

The GravityWorks Pump-Free Water Filtration System delivers the same fast, pump-free performance of the revolutionary CleanStream microfilter, yet with even less weight and more ease. Using advanced, Hollow Fiber technology and a little physics, it allows you to collect, transport, filter and dispense water, easier and faster than any other system available. An all new filter housing and streamlined Clean reservoir shave two ounces off an already wickedly light filtration system, and a straightforward, modular design presents customizable options for further trimming weight on ultralight journeys.

To operate the GravityWorks you fill the system’s “dirty” reservoir bag with lake or river water. Hang that bag in a tree or simply hold it up. Gravity does its thing, and water seeps out of a hose on the bottom, coursing through rubber tubing before entering a filter.

Clean water flows out the other end, slipping through a hose and collecting in the unit’s “clean” reservoir bag, ready to drink. The whole process takes just a couple minutes. There is very little effort required, allowing you to fill, hang the bag, and relax as water is dripping through from dirty to clean.

Platypus quotes a filtering speed of 1.75 liters per minute, which was about what we saw on the Lost Coast. The unit costs $110, and it is made in the USA. Platypus cites 1,500 liters as the life of the filter, which can be replaced.

Coolest Cool

Short Sleeve Top

The ultimate performance layer for high-octane activities in the heat, this sun-shading short sleeve employs strategically placed Omni-Freeze® ZERO cooling fabric and Omni-Wick® inserts to keep you cool, dry and protected in the outdoors
Price: $55.00
Price $55.00

Sweat Activated Super Cooling
Keeps You Dry and Comfortable
Enjoy the Sun Safely

Omni-Freeze ZERO fabrication in high-heat zones actively cools your core temperature
Omni-Wicking pinhole mesh at upper back, under arms, and at side torso transmits sweat away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable
Omni-Shade UPF 50 provides premium protection from the sun.
Antimicrobial, Ergonomic flat-lock seaming, Imported

Omni-Wick 91% polyester/9% elastane pinhole mesh inserts at upper back, under arms, and at side torso
Omni-Shade, Omni-Freeze ZERO 92% polyester/8% elastane jersey at arms and front and back torso

Mountain Bike Shoes

That Don’t Look Like Bike Shoes

Simply put, DZR was born out of a passion for a life of riding - on city streets and mountain trails and anywhere else you can get two wheels. Which they think is pretty much everywhere. They lived in many places and it is from this nomadic lifestyle that the concept of our shoes was born.

Created in the Swiss Alps and brought to you from the heart of San Francisco, DZR is proud and happy to give you the solution for life on and off the bike. They think it will be an easy transition. Ride on.

 No doubt, for pure performance a dedicated bike shoe should be your choice. But when fashion and all-day wear is a concern, shoes like these DZR models are a great middle ground.

For the Task line, cost is $95 to $139, depending on the model.