Gravity Water Filter

Gravity Works

The GravityWorks Pump-Free Water Filtration System delivers the same fast, pump-free performance of the revolutionary CleanStream microfilter, yet with even less weight and more ease. Using advanced, Hollow Fiber technology and a little physics, it allows you to collect, transport, filter and dispense water, easier and faster than any other system available. An all new filter housing and streamlined Clean reservoir shave two ounces off an already wickedly light filtration system, and a straightforward, modular design presents customizable options for further trimming weight on ultralight journeys.

To operate the GravityWorks you fill the system’s “dirty” reservoir bag with lake or river water. Hang that bag in a tree or simply hold it up. Gravity does its thing, and water seeps out of a hose on the bottom, coursing through rubber tubing before entering a filter.

Clean water flows out the other end, slipping through a hose and collecting in the unit’s “clean” reservoir bag, ready to drink. The whole process takes just a couple minutes. There is very little effort required, allowing you to fill, hang the bag, and relax as water is dripping through from dirty to clean.

Platypus quotes a filtering speed of 1.75 liters per minute, which was about what we saw on the Lost Coast. The unit costs $110, and it is made in the USA. Platypus cites 1,500 liters as the life of the filter, which can be replaced.


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