Bordo 6000

Bordo they succeeded in bridging the gap between the high security demands and a compact, clean design. Even the Bordo Granit X-Plus, which corresponds in its features to a Granit product with the highest security requirements, has a balanced and harmonic appearance. With its facelift, new design aspects come into their own. Even here, the design contributes to the function: The links are covered with a two-component coating (Bordo 6000/6100). That way, the bicycle's paintwork is protected and the colour variants are possible. The silicone cover for the lock body (Bordo 6000/6050) increases the ease-of-use through a better handling.

The uncomplicated and noiseless transport bag was an important point in the product specifications. The lock and its bag were developed simultaneously and are perfectly adapted to each other.


Lock body made of special hardened steel
Highly resistant hardened steel links
Highly resistant rivet connection between the links
Links produced in hybrid technology and coated with shockproof synthetic material (protection against damage to the bicycle's frame)
Individually settable code, easy to use, thanks to the high-quality digits imprinting (only Combo model)
Cathodic coating offers ideal protection against corrosion
Non-slipping fixing on the bicycle frame through special slat technology (upright position effect)

ABUS Square Chain is made from hardened special alloy with special yellow zinc plating for superior corrosion resistance and maximum protection against physical attack. It comes with a nylon sleeve to protect equipment from damage. It is available in 6mm, 8m, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm diameters and comes standard in 2', 6' and 10' lengths. Custom lengths are available upon request.
ABUS Cobra cables are made from high quality braided steel for superior strength, flexibility and durability. With multiple lengths and diameters available, these cables can meet virtually any application need. Both ends of each cable are looped, allowing them to be used with a variety of different ABUS Padlocks. Each cable has a vinyl coating which prevents it from scratching delicate surfaces while also giving them extreme corrosion resistance
 6 Feet to 33 Feet Long
 Floor Anchors
The WBA-100 floor anchor is constructed from a high quality plastic, which is so strong a vehicle can be driven over it without breaking or cracking. This feature coupled with a .63" diameter hardened steel shackle makes this the most durable floor anchor design available. The extra wide shackle base allows for easy locking and unlocking and can fit almost any type of chain or padlock

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