Camping at Happy Jack

Went camping up north on Saturday July 11 off of the Lake Marry Rd and just east of SR87.

Headed up Saturday with Rod and his daughter Heidi& her two dogs. They fallowed me up to ride some trails and to just kick back.

On the way up ran into some smoke the Forest Service was conducting a control burn on top of the Mogollon Rim just east of SR 87 near Clint Wells.

We made it through the smoke and into camp the weather was grate 80 to 85 degrees. But had some smoke time to time and a light ash at times. Met up with my older sister Theresa Her husband Paul and their two kids. There were two other families there friends of Theresa and Paul’s camping with them. They all had Toy Haulers and all the toy with them even two of them had even brought up satellite dishes. Their not big on the mountain bike thing to much work but all the kids rode BMX bikes.

So as I set up my camp and fix my brakes Rod, Heidi and My nephew Josh took off for a short ride. I heard from Rod they managed to get lost but made it back thanks to Josh. I went on the next ride we headed up FR 211 to FR 82 we were looking for the Az Trail. We thought we found it one time but just turned out to just another dirt road. After a brisk ride we headed back the dogs were whipped.

Rod dropped me off at camp and headed to flagstaff for dinner and then home.

After a quick snack I head back out for a nice slow ride. So with dark setting in I rode around heading up Bold Mesa which took to some old houses with water tanks and no electricity. On the way back ran into a bunch of cows on the side of the road. As you ride by they jus look at you and wonder. I all so stopped for a bit to listen to some Elk bugle but never seen any getting to dark out now made it back to camp for Spam Burgers ( that’s right some people still eat Spam) and a camp fire Life Is Good.

On Sunday we headed back to Phoenix and the 114 degree weather Till next time Darren.

An old ranch out side Cherry on the way up north on I-17
The smoke on SR 87 south of Clint Wells Az
Getting some air
The gang
Rod getting back from a ride
Heidi& her dog Chase
Rod and Kia
Buddy Josh's Dog

Playing Horse Shoe's

The Old Cattle Corral
The sun setting

Some smoke and rain

Camp Fire


Paul and Josh cutting fire wood

Paul sharping the chain saw
Fixing to water pump

Jungle Gym

Josh and Jake brothers


Heading Home
See the Elk
Coming down to Camp Verde

See the Deer
Till Next Time Darren.........

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