RG400 Rail Grinder
Loram's Rail grinding is considered the single most effective maintenance practice to control the effects of rolling contact fatigue, restore profile, and maximize value from the rail asset.

The substantial return on investment from rail grinding is well documented and includes:

Extended rail life

Fuel savings

Reduced surfacing cycles

Extended track component life

Reduced wear on rolling stock

Increased axle loads

Increased train speeds

Improved ride quality and passenger comfort

Railroads everywhere are facing continued challenges of maintaining track in shortened work blocks with limited resources. A proper rail grinding program is a key component to your maintenance plan.

Superior Technology
Loram grinders incorporate high power, flexible grinding modules with our patented control system to maximize efficiency and create the most productive machines on the market. RGI Series Grinders can meet your specific requirements with a variety of machine sizes ranging from 16 stones to 114 stones.

Optional features include:
Support cars for added water, fuel storage, workspace, convenience area, sleeping quarters, and/or auxiliary power

Crossing and switch grinding

Environmental features:

Noise suppression and dust control

Exhaust treatment

State-of-the-art fire prevention equipment

Quality assurance tools:

Transverse profile measuring with laser imaging or manual tools

Longitudinal profile measuring

Grind Away

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