Canyon Diablo Trading Post

There being no law enforcement in the settlement, it quickly became a wild and lawless place as drifters, gamblers, and outlaws made their way to town. With the closest law enforcement being some 100 miles away, the settlement earned a reputation of being meaner than Tombstone and Dodge City combined, with many of it "citizens” winding up in the local cemetery. The saloons, gambling dens and brothels never closed, running 24 hours a day. The town comprised mostly of shacks with two lines of buildings facing each other across the rocky road on the north side of the railroad right-of-way. The "street,” aptly referred to as Hell Street, included fourteen saloons, ten gambling houses, four brothels and two dance halls. Wedged between these businesses were a couple of eating counters, a grocery and a dry goods store.

With a population of nearly 2,000, a regular stage operated between Flagstaff and Canyon Diablo that ended up being the target of many robberies. When Canyon Diablo finally got a peace officer, the first one pinned on a badge at 3:00 p.m. and was laid out for burial at 8:00 p.m. Five more foolish men also tried their hands at marshalling in this God forsaken town. None of them lasted more than a month in the position before they too were killed.

Boot Hill cemetery filled up fast, where at one time 35 graves could be seen with wooden markers and stone covered mounds. All are gone today

Water Catch 
This is what’s left to catch water for a horse trough 

Another water catch 
Old truck fenders  
Canyon Diablo Trading Post root cellar ruins 

Canyon Diablo Trading Post root cellar ruins 
Canyon Diablo Trading Post root cellar ruins 
Looking inside the trading post root cellar ruins 

Looks like someone built a fire inside onetime but it's still standing. I can't stand when people have to destroy things that are part of history so no one else can enjoy. 

Still see the roof line.  

The end!

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