Jon Barry

A Professional Photographer

 A native of Baton Rouge, LA and principal photographer of Artkeep, Inc, has been involved in artistic ventures since high school, spending many hours in the illustration of animals, birds and fish. Barry graduated high school in 1962 and attended Loyola University of New Orleans pursuing a major in fine arts. He continued his education at Southeastern Louisiana College in Hammond where he specialized in painting landscapes and nature in beautiful watercolor renditions which he later sold in New Orleans.

Finishing his schooling in 1967, Barry then joined the US Army at the time when the buildup in Vietnam was taking place.

In 1974, Barry moved back home to Baton Rouge, and entered a family business.

In 1984, Barry along with his brother Wilfred started manufacturing theatrical makeup for the salon industry and then later for mass market to huge retailers such as Wal-Mart and Kmart, producing Halloween make-up and Easter egg dye
In 1990, Barry took his substantial knowledge in art which was used extensively in the marketing of the theatrical products and started a prepress shop, Image 4 Prepress, Inc. Artkeep, Inc is a wholely owned subsidiary of Image 4. The firm produced photo engraving and high end image scanning for the printing industry as well as worked with advertising agencies and graphic design firms producing high quality film for plating by commercial printers. Image 4 was at the beginning of the huge digital revolution which is now the backbone of the photographic industry of today. Image 4 was a dealer for Kodak for their early digital slr cameras, cameras costing around $25,000 which produced only 6 megapixel files nowhere near the quality of what an inexpensive point and shoot camera will produce today.

Today, Artkeep has the capability to do photo shoots on location virtually anywhere in the US, and from time to time we also are called upon to do locations abroad.

Jon B. Barry is the principal of Artkeep, Inc, a professional photography corporation located in Baton Rouge, LA.. We are always seeking new work and new models.

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Six Weeks with Shelby is an adventure and journey of two people, Shelby and Jon Barry. What begins in Carrabelle, Florida in early October and ends in late November of 2010, portrays a short business relationship between photographer and model in the beginning, to very best friends, by trip's end. Though this book is about the intense photographic artwork they made, their story is about the times they had and the very close relationship they developed over these six weeks as they traveled from Florida through seven states to Louisiana.

A subsidiary of Image 4 Prepress, Inc., was established in 1990. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we had the purpose of handling professional images, either taken by our capable staff of photographers or of those images provided to us by designers in the graphics industry to facilitate film making for brochures and publications.

Today, Artkeep provide professional photography and images for not only our original purpose, but also for general portraits, portfolios for models, highschool seniors, weddings as well as commercial work which previously had been our backbone.

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