Flagstaff’s Chapel Of The Holy Dove

# Five The Chapel of the Holy

Thursday May 4, 2009 took a trip with Bike Shop Mike to Flagstaff Az for some sight seeing

So I found Mike outside the cave taking photos we decided to head back and over to the Chapel of the Holy Dove further north on SR180 and this time it wouldn’t be barred in snow.

Well we made it back to Flagstaff and had lunch at the trail station checked out some trains that went by. They say that Flagstaff is one of the most busiest towns for trains one every 20 minuets.

Well that’s all for now till next time Darren…

On 180 heading to the Grand Canyon

Flower offering
Looking out

Looking In
A Dog is buried here
How it came about

Cross in the door
Back in Flagstaff eating lunch at the train station / west bound train
Well that's all till next time Darren......

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