Schultz Tank & Flagstaff’s Lava River Cave

# Four: Shultz Tank and Flagstaff Lava River Cave

Thursday May 4, 2009 took a trip with Bike Shop Mike to Flagstaff Az for some sight seeing

From there we headed over to SR180 wanted to head over to Flagstaff’s Lava River caves north of Flagstaff on the way to the Grand Canyon.

(So on SR180 about 11 miles out of flagstaff 100 feet from mile marker 230 make a left onto forest Rd 245. Drove down FR245 about 4 miles to FR171 T-intersection made a left took FR171 to FR171B. Left turn straight to the parking lot & a short walk to the Lava River Caves entrance).

So you have to bring light or two, a windbreaker and some good hiking shows. I took my HID bike light hooked it to my camel pack arm strap. I think I’ll wear my bike helmet next time hit my head few times. I gave Mike my back up light and took a spar battery.

I headed down first its like hiking down big boulders and some are lose and move when you step on them. Some rocks are wet and some have ice on them. Ice you say yep that’s right ice out side temps were 65 degrees inside 30’s.

As I headed down and mike decided that he was not that good on rocks and didn‘t want to go any farther down and headed out.

I went down may be another 100 feet or so far enough to figure out that I have not charged my bike light in some time and that Mike had my back up light.

At one time I put my hand over my light and it was pitch black I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

So instead of chancing my light and going any further I decided to head back out.

So I found Mike outside the cave taking photos we decided to head back and over to the Chapel of the Holy Dove

San Francisco Peaks still snow on the mountains

There is always one
More Ice

Sun light


Heading out

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