The Go John Preserve

Wednesday Aug 12, 2009 I headed out to meet every one for the Wednesday Night Ride.

We were out for the Surry night ride. That took place in the town Cave Creek as we headed through the Go John Preserve into the Cave Creek Park. Rode up on the Sleight Trail from the Cave Creek wash to Jasper Trail then to Go John Trail then back. We were going to ride further but with a rain storm head our way we decided to head back.

I haven’t been on this trail seems like for months. The trails over all were in good shape but overall it kicked my ass. I was whipped and only half mile left in the ride & all up hill. I didn’t think I was going to finish. Just wasn’t filling the ride tonight half way back I was getting over heated and did some throwing up.

By the time I got back to the truck I was done couldn’t even think straight still don‘t know how I got home. I hope I do better in Flagstaff this weekend.

Az Sunset
Till Next Time Darren

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FraSiec said...

you were probably pushing it too much, keeping up with the group. This heat is a killer.