Happy Jack Camping

Went camping on Friday Aug 7, 2009 back up to Happy Jack Az off forest road 211.

Meet up with my Mom & three sisters and one of their husbands and all their kid’s and grand kids & friends. They all had toe hauler campers and I camped in my truck tent. So set up camp dove around looking for fire wood and even took a hike before dinner. It was supper windy during the day but calmed down by 7pm so we could have a camp fire. After all what’s camping if you can’t have a camp fire.

That night It dropped down to the mid 30’s I thought I was going to freeze my A$$ off but luckily I had the Colman lantern for warmth. I did get to hear some Elk bugling during the night and by morning it was nice out.

Saturday after breakfast played a game well they called it Donkey Balls but the real name is ether Ladder Golf or Blongo ball & heard some more elk bugling. So after lunch I headed out for a mountain bike ride.

I thought that I brought my bike I’d better ride it so I found this single track out of the camp. It took me to a ranch them took a left up a hill where I found an old Dodge truck bed that some one made into a trailer. But now it sits in the woods and is rusting way. Still riding on the trail it took me to Lake Marry rd. found a gate then rode along side the road almost to the Happy Jack Lodge. Just past the down tree section over the fence onto another cow path & don’t you know that cows make the best single tracks.

Well made it back to the section of downed tree which made for some great practice for rolling over trees. Made it over most of the trees but some were to high and some just crushed when I rolled over them. I didn’t see any elk or for that matter nothing wild & I didn’t get lost.

Made it back to camp in time for dinner a fire and roasting marshmallows. That night I stayed up with the big boy’s and got drunk I know not like me to drink but what the hell not going any where.

On Sunday sat around camp played Donkey Ball & just kicked back till it was time to pack up & headed home after lunch............Till next time Darren..............

Heading up caming driving up the General Crook Trail. My Dad and his Camper
General Crook Trail
My Truck at the General Crook Trail over look
Back at that Old cattle corral on FR211 near to where we campedWhere they weighed cattle before they shipped them off on trucks like a big cow scale. No longer in use but a cool place to kick the dirt. Also a cool setting for pictures.

Christen & Ellen

I think they used this for water

Found this big bull when I was out looking for fire wood
Mother and her calf
Another mother and her two Calves

Christen Hunter’s Boy friend

Josh and his mom & my sister Theresa.

Christen & my niece Hunter
My truck and tent
From left Mom, Ellen, Kyle, Christen, & Hunter playing scrable
Jake riding on two wheels his new trick he likes doing all the time

Deer Ears plant

Looks like a chair

A wash near camp & where the boy's went swimming

Great purple aster flower

Great purple aster flower

The AZ sun setting

Camp fire

Mom and Ellen sitting around the camp fire
From left Jah, Brooklynne, Daddy Nick, Josh, & Jake
Nick His baby Brooklynne and his wife Jah.

My Sister Theresa and my niece Bridget

Playing homerun hitter
The outfield
Some kids old fort
Deer Ears plant
out hiking found two elk legs
Elk hoof
Nick pitching
Josh hitting
Paul pitching

Nick hitting
Foul ball
The boy's from left Josh, Kyle, and Brian
Josh helping kyle start the quad
Nick and kyle playing Donkey Balls but the real name is ether Ladder Golf or Blongo ball
Jake hitting the ball
Ellen watching her nieces Brooklynne and Taylor


The old Dodge trailer I found on the ride

Lake Marry Road

Found this marker on the ride
The down tree section and more Deer Ears

There were a lot of trees to roll over

Saturdays camp fire

Donkey Balls
Ladder Golf is an outdoor game played between two teams who take turns attempting to throw a bolo made of two golf balls connected by a rope at a ladder. Each ladder rung is worth varying point values of 1, 2 or 3 points. In order to win the game, a tea must score exactly 21 points. The ladder rungs for the game are made of wood, PVC pipe or other equivalent materials at hand. Ladder Golf is a popular game played at football tailgaters and other sporting events as an alternative to horse shoes..

At the Happy Jack Lodge dump station dumping the gray and black water
The forest fire from the Jerome Az area
Heading home
Till Next time Darren

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