Some New Art

Bike Bumper Art
I use to have two Sram 9 speed cogs bolted together hanging off the bumper of my truck.

I wanted something new so I made this bike art made with a Shimano Deore Hub a Sram Cog & A disk caliber that I picked up from the Southwest bikes in Cave Creek.

I think I’ll hang some spokes from it also but need to pick up some spoke nipples. I have it bolted onto the Hitch but thinking of hanging it off the bumper. So let me know what you think Darren..


FraSiec said...

Were the parts any good? Do you get them cheap?

I got some old Huffy's that swap the deore parts for their huffy parts. :)

Darrensrides said...

I already had the Sram Cog and the Roter but the Hub was brand new picked up at the Southwest Bikes. I drilled out the spoke holes so no one could ever use it any more and lock tight on every thing.