Bring Down The House

There was a huge amount of people out watching this event as far as the eye can see.

As people gasped after they heard the first blast, then they started cheering.
"Whoa! That was cool," while watching the 10-story Qwest building near Third Street and Earl Road tumble into a pile of rubble Sunday.

Seconds later a plume of dust headed toward the parking structure where I was at.

There were hundreds of people gathered to witness the first explosive demolition in Phoenix in 30 years. They all were carrying video cameras camera’s and tripods, crowds gathered on different floors and on the roof of the Hilton near Third Street and Thomas Road. There were people every where in ever nook and cranny.

Some were saying that they drive by it every day and it's been an eyesore and they are glad to see it go.

They were saying the implosion will be featured in a new television show called "Dynamite Family" that will air in December on TLC.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Till Next Time Darren.

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