Sedona Night Ride

Did a night ride in Sedona Az on 09/19/09 started out at 9:45pm.

Parked at the Absolute Bike shop & Blue Moon Cafe rode out with Mike, Rod, & Heidi headed out on Bell Rock Pathway to Templeton to HT to Little Horse. To chicken Point. Took a short break on top of Chicken Point then headed back down on Little Horse to Llama trail then back to Bell Rock and to the our trucks.

What a great ride it was in the 60’s out there was a bit of rain earlier in the day but we had clear sky‘s and no muddy trails. Mike seen a skunk and that was the only wildlife we seen. Rod’s light gave out on him when we hit Llama trail and then mine gave out. The back up light I brought was a peace of crap Heidi let me use her hiking head lamp.

That worked but was hard to judge the trails the light was like riding in a daze or in a fog. We got lost a few times on Llama just because my light sucked and that I was tired of riding after I crashed in some sandy area of the trail.

It just sucks riding when you can’t see where you are going. Heidi’s light gave out when she got back to Bell Rock and on the way back to the trucks made it back at 2:30am.

So next time we’ll have to bring out better back up lights or may be a back up batteries. Also next time we‘ll have to stay over at the Red Agave Resort the best place to stay in Sedona instead of driving home. I was surprised that we didn’t see any locals out on the trails don’t people do night rides in Sedona.

Heidi getting ready to ride

Rod shirtless

Absolute Bike shop
Blue Moon Cafe

Rod and Heidi


Bell Rock Pathway

Templeton Trail

A downed tree on the Templeton Trail

Rod and Mike making their way around the tree. It's hard to see at first your coming down a hill and then around a bush and there it is.

Spooky Hollow riding through some trees

A cool spooky tree at night

HT Trail # 197

Little Horse Trail # 61


Heidi and her dad Rod

That's me

Darren's Rides on top of the Chicken Point over look

Mike , Heidi and Rod on top of the Chicken Point

Mike heading off Chicken Point

Llama Trail

Well back at the trucks loaded and ready to head home

Rod and Mike enjoying a beer or two after the ride.

Well we all hade a great time and till next weekend remember get out and ride and make it a safe one Darren….

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FraSiec said...

Very cool. Chicken point at night! Wow, I can barely get up there in the day. Great job on sharing this adventure.