Happy Jack Az Labor Day Camp Out

Went camping on Labor Day weekend to Happy Jack Arizona. Went for 4 days and had a great time. Met up with my brothers Paul and Rusty on Thursday night at Camp Verde then fallowed them to the camp spot on FR 211 in Happy Jack.

On Friday Todd showed up set up camp and went for a ride on the Rangers to Clear Creek to do some Crayfish fishing. I rode with Rusty Big mistake he drives the Ranger to fast for me at times we were going 50 on the dirt roads I don’t drive the truck that fast. We did 30 to 40 in the corners and sliding.

It sucked I thought about getting off a few times couldn’t see any thing as Rusty drove so close to Todd that the pebbles were hitting me in the face. Rusty has this thought that you cant flip a Ranger.

Made it to Clear Creek there were hundreds of Crayfish. I watched then got into the water and tried my luck. At first it was hard but I figured out a way to catch them. They swim backwards so I stuck a net behind them and one infront when they see the net infront they swim away into the back net.

We caught about fifty of them.

Back at camp cooked up the crayfish and the rest of the family found their way to the camp out.

On Saturday it rained for 3 hours may be 2 inches or so it was a nice rain. just stayed around camp on Saturday to muddy to do any thing but had a great camp fire that night.

Sunday we headed out on the Rangers looking for wildlife seen some turkeys in the wood tried to get a photo but to hard to see them.

Later that day went on a drive with my Dad to the Bald Mesa the old Happy Jack residents area.

Also stopped by the old corrals took some more photos and then headed to Long Lake. A nice long drive 21 miles all dirt roads found the lake it was real blue and long not many people fishing.

On Monday took a hike around camp then packed up for the drive home.

Over all not a bad camp out I had fun didn’t do any mountain biking and I managed to get the flu. I managed to get drunk on Thursday, Friday and on Saturday on Sunday I drank like three gallons of water.

I liked the rain and riding the Rangers but I don’t think Todd likes me to much just didn’t get the Vibe from him maybe because I didn’t like his Miller Lite beer.
Light on the Jerome Az Hill
Az Sunset
Todd load a trap
Rusty kicking back
Crayfish Trap and a crayfish on the edge of it.
They say that in most parts of clear Creek the water is fresh enough to drink
Cool looking rocks
East Clear Creek
Clear Creek
Paul loading traps and Rusty watching for fish

Playing Ladder Ball
The Kids
Rain great times
Nice 3 hour rain
Camp Fire

Turkes in the back ground trees you have to really look close
Dad Sleeping
I thoght thies were cow hide bout they are Elk and Deer Hides

The Cow Scale Floor

The Old Corrals in Happy Jack

I like it here

Heading to Long Lake

Welcome to Long Lake Az

Fishing Long Lake
My Dad and Truck at Long Lake
Cool looking tree
Heading out

Mushrooms grown in a cow pie

Kids Fort


Well Till next time Darren……

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