Saturday, September 26th 7 am until noon&Saturday October 17th 7 am until noonHeavy use of the competitive loops have eroded and broken down some areas.

The idea is to get the trails back to a sustainable state and prepare them for the Dust Devil and 24 Hour events coming up in October and November.

We have chosen the dates listed above in an attempt to avoid competing bike related events and could use the help of as many volunteers as possible. Here is the information that is available so far.

There will be a short pre work meeting by park staff to go over trail work procedures and safety at 7 am.

Tools will be loaded into the park's ATV and distributed to the various group work sites. You can hike or ride to the work sites. Some of the areas will be adjacent to the paved road from Fountain Hills and the east side of the trails and will be mapped out to access from the road.

What to bring: Hat, sun screen, work gloves, plenty of water and any trail works tools that you have (McLeod, mattock, shovel, clippers, tree saw etc.). The park will provide as many tools as they have but they do not currently have enough for a large volunteer group.

Work scope:
The focus of the trail work is to repair damage to the trails. We will be correcting trail camber to facilitated proper drainage, adding some rolling grade drains and armoring some areas where natural drainage crosses the trail. We will also be trimming some vegetation that is encroaching on the trail. The intent is to repair damage and correct some issues that have resulted in deep ruts linear with the trail. We will not be sanitizing the trail. In fact we will make every effort to enhance some of the challenging natural features of the trails.

For more information, contact:Rand Hubbell, Park Supervisor, McDowell Mountain Park

McDowell Mountain Regional Park
16300 McDowell Mountain Park Dr.
Arizona 85255
Ph: 480-471-0173 Fax: 480-471-3523

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