Water Ranch


To be recognized as a premiere education and recreation resource in Arizona while:
¤ Preserving valuable natural resources;
¤ Supporting creation and conservation of scarce riparian areas;
¤ Protecting needed habitat for wildlife.

To promote awareness and appreciation of Arizona’s ecology and natural history, particularly desert and riparian environments, through:
¤ education and recreation programs for a diversity of visitors, and
¤ research and development of strategies to reserve and protect these unique environments

¤ Interpretative Excellence (Indirect Education)
To provide the best possible interpretative experience for all visitors seeking education and/or recreation leisure time.
¤ Education Excellence (Direct Education)
To provide the best possible facilities to accommodate education experiences for life long learning.
¤ Conservation Excellence (Research and Development)
To provide for an environment dedicated to conserving valuable natural resources.
Snow Geese
My Buddy
I have no clue what it is but there are hundreds of them gowing in trees.
Superstition Mountains in the back ground.
Canada Goose
Animal Foot prints
Dinosaur and Archaeological digs
Research opportunities involving plants, animals, and riparian ecology are available year round. People or groups seeking to do wetlands, riparian or wildlife research are encouraged to contact the
Institute at (480) 503-6744.

Research topics may include:
vegetation inventories
pharmaceutical residual studies
soil characterization and monitoring
water percolation impacts on soil chemistry
butterfly research
bat research
tourism trends
specific species research such as burrowing owls
threatened species relocation

The Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory is open for public viewings every Friday and Saturday evening from nightfall until 9 pm. No registration required, $3 donation suggested.
Special viewing times for groups can be arranged with prior notice, at $5 per person.
The 110-acre Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is located at

2757 E. Guadalupe Road
east of Greenfield Road, next to the Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert, Arizona.

The Riparian Institute office is located in the Community Services Building at
90 E. Civic Center Drive in Gilbert.

90 E Civic Center Dr
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

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