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In 2000 the Corps of Engineers received approval from Congress for the Tres Rios Ecosystem Restoration and Flood Control Project. This project will improve and enhance a 7-mile long, 1500 acre section of the Salt and Gila Rivers in southwestern Phoenix. The project consists of a flood protection levee, effluent pump station, emergent wetlands, and riparian corridors and open water marsh areas to replace existing non-native salt cedar in the river. (link to map here) Construction on the levee has now begun, with construction of the pump station, emergent wetlands, and river features starting in 2006. The Tres Rios Full Scale Project is being 65% funded by the Corps, with 35% coming from the local sponsor, SROG. Technical and financial assistance has also been provided by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. SROG is also working on an agreement with the Gila River Indian Community for their participation in the project.

The water source for the Tres Rios Full Scale Project is highly treated effluent from the 91st Avenue WWTP. This Project has many goals. The primary goals are flood protection for the local residents and habitat restoration for the native animals. However, there are also very important water quality, recreation, and education components of the Project. Project completion is highly dependent on yearly funding from Congress, making public support a vital part of this process.

larvivorous fish

Bridge to no where

Mike and Darren

Some kind of muck there's water Underneath it all

I liked the colors

Mike shooting the muck

Waste Water Reclamation Don't Drink The Water

Taking a nap waiting for Mike

Old Gate


The Tres Rios butterfly garden was created in cooperation with the Phoenix Office of Art and Culture and local artists Matt and Maria Salenger, together known as CoLab. This striking public art piece juxtaposes the human-built environment with nature, allowing visitors to appreciate the work that has been involved with building the wetland system while also appreciating the beauty of the plants and animals that make it their home.

Darren hanging out in the Butterfly Garden

The Hayfield Site includes two wetland cells or basins which are being studied to determine the optimum design configuration for water quality improvement and increased habitat value. Additionally, the Site has many public uses such as a riparian corridor trail system, birding opportunities and picnic areas.

Take I-10 West (Pagago Freeway) to exit 134, turn left (south) onto 91st Avenue. Travel about five miles south till you see the yellow pedestrian gate on the east side of the road just south of the wastewater treatmnent plant but north of the river bottom (see map). Drive east down the dirt road to the next set of yellow gates. Park, walk through the gates and follow the dirt path down to the wetland and riparian trail areas.

6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday and Sunday
Closed on City holidays

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