Black Canyon Trail

Bumble Bee to Rock Springs
Saturday March 6, 2010

So we (all six of us) all met at Rock Springs trailhead left John's truck there
carpooled in two trucks to Bumble Bee trailhead. 
Then rode south mostly down hill to Rock Springs. 
What a great ride doing it this way. To bad all the riders
couldn't come out and join us may be next time.
Rod and John
AmeriCorps cleaning and rebuilding the Black Canyon Trail.
An Old Stagecoach Route
Rod and Joe
The first crossing Soap Creek
New wooden bridge at the first Soap Creek crossing
The second Agua Fria River no bridge here had
to wade through two feet of water.
Standing in the middle of the Agua Fria River
More Ride Photo's

Charlie's Photo's
Simon & Joe
Nice photo of Charlie
After the ride hanging out in Rock Springs trail head.
 John left his car keys in Simon's truck in Bumble Bee.

Mea Copa
Yo ya'll,
Had to whip myself (no comments needed Joe) one more time....
What a great ride. had it all, drama-Charlie, just killing it-Simon, some horny mountain climbing goat-Mr. Switch Back-Joe, I am good for another twenty-Darren and the man to sound most like a motorcycle-Rod.
Sorry again 'bout the keys but I planned it, just wanted to be with all you a little longer.
Long live friends and rides! oh and beer....


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FraSiec said...

looked like a good time.