Reach 11 Recreation Area

Reach 11 Recreation Area is a 1,500-acre City of Phoenix, Parks and Recreation district park. The recreation area is approximately 7 miles long and less than 1/2 mile wide. The park runs east and west along the north side of the CAP canal. There are 18 miles of seven foot wide, groomed, multi-use trails that bisect the entire park. The trails meander through a unique xeroriparian desert landscape that is abundant with native vegetation and wildlife. Common plants associated with this habitat include; mesquite, palo verde, acacia, hackberry, desert broom and ironwood. Common wildlife species include; gamble’s quail, morning dove, cottontail rabbit, coyote, and javelina.

The recreation area includes Arizona Horse Lovers Park, a 90-acre world class equestrian facility. The facility includes restrooms, four lighted arenas, a round pen, cattle pens, tie stations, water troughs, wash racks, announcers stands, spectator bleachers and picnic tables. Access to this feature is from the west side of Tatum Blvd.

There are approximately 18 miles of multi-use recreational trails in the Reach 11 Recreation Area. The trails run the entire length of the Recreation Area from Cave Creek Road, east to Scottsdale Road. Trail access points include: Cave Creek Road, Tatum Blvd., 56th Street and Scottsdale Road.
All trails (except the Barrier Free Access Nature Trail) are multi-use (foot, bicycle & horseback) trails and motorized travel is prohibited. The trails are a hard, stable gravel surface and 7’-8’ wide. (except the Barrier Free Access Nature Trail) The terrain is relatively flat with minor grade changes at wash crossings.
There are 5 primary trails running east and west through the park. The trail numbers are W-211S & W-211N west of Tatum Blvd. and E-211S, E-211N & E-210, east of Tatum Blvd. There are 12 connector trails that connect the north and south trails. From west to east they are; Cardinal, Inca Dove, Cactus Wren, Roadrunner, Gambel Quail, Great Horned Owl, Jackrabbit, Coyote, Javelina, Cottontail, Badger, and Ringtail.
There is trail access on the east side of Cave Creek Road, east and west side of Tatum Blvd., east and west side of 56th Street, and the west side of Scottsdale Road. Trail parking areas are located on the east side of Cave Creek Road, near the Water Treatment Plant, at the Arizona Horse Lovers Park on the west side of Tatum Blvd., and on the east side of Tatum Blvd.

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