Road Trip # 24

100 Mile & Nothing To See
Driving through the desert community of Congress, Arizona on highway #89 you will see a group of rocks that look like a frog. I mean really look like a frog -- and it has been painted in froggy green ever since 1928! A woman named Sara Perkins, a homesteader's wife, observed that this particular rock, when viewed from the proper angle, resembled a frog. She painted it and it has become quite the landmark ever since. Painting a 60-ton frog-looking rock is not an easy task, but the town's folk of Congress have kept it green to this day!
Peeples Valley School, Peeples Valley, Arizona
It's no longer used as a school, but now it's a community center
Drake is an unincorporated community in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States, and a station on the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway. Drake is also the junction and western terminus of the Verde Canyon Railroad. Drake is the site of the old Hell Canyon Bridge, formerly used by US Route 89, now on the National Register of Historic Places
Long ago, two different communities formed bookends for this bridge. On the south end, Puntenney Lime Company was formed in 1892 and exported lime via the ATSF. The post office was established 1892 to the 1920s(?). Today, there is nothing much left, except ruins of the load out facility several hundred feet from the bridge. Just bizarre geometric shapes sticking out of the juniper patches.
They are still building the cement plant
I wanted to check that out
The tracks leading to the plant
North of Drake on 89
Little Hell Canyon is just a few miles north of Drake and
 the railroad bridge is quite close to the highway.
Between Seligman and Kingman Az, most boring part of Route 66
nothing to see but Seligman and Kingman are the best over all..
The Burro Creek Recreation Site is situated along Burro Creek within a very scenic Sonoran desert Canyon at an elevation of 1,960 feet. This peaceful area has long been a favorite stop of travelers on nearby Highway 93. Visitors here are invariably fascinated with the contrast between the deep blue pools and tree-lined banks of Burro Creek, and the saguaro-studded hills and cliffs of its desert setting.

Arizona Highway 93 Burro Creek Bridge
The first Burro Creek Bridge was built in 1966 and sits next to
the Second bridge that was completed in 2006.  It crosses Burro Creek
approximately 15 miles south of Wikieup on US93.
 Milepost 137.8 to 142.6 (interestingly, milepost 141 does not exist).

Construct parallel roadway to create four-lane divided highway. Includes construction of new steel arch bridge, to be similar in appearance to existing bridge over Burro Creek. Length of arch from pin to pin is 699 ft. 10 in. Roadway will be approximately 388 ft. above the Burro Creek below. Total length of bridge over air is approximately 985 ft. 6 in. New bridge will be constructed of "weathering steel" which will not be painted, and will thus acquire a natural brown appearance. Eventually, under a separate project, the existing Burro Creek bridge will be painted to match the NEW bridge. The new bridge will be a part of the new NORTHBOUND lanes.