Schultz Fire 100% Contained

Fire officials release final Schultz fire status report. Still no
suspects linked to abandoned campfire that started the 15,075 acre fire.
Cost: $9.2M. Two hotshot crews remain, along with type 1 skycrane helicopter
The Schultz fire about four miles from Flagstaff that threatened Timberline homes and burned Schultz Peak has now been entirely contained, firefighters announced this evening.

The fire's size was 15,075 acres, or 23.5 square miles, and fighting it has cost $8.6 million (not counting rehabilitation costs to come). Firefighters sustained injuries that included a back injury, a knee injury, dehydration and smoke inhalation.

The fire began from an abandoned campfire just east of Schultz Tank, investigators determined. No arrests have been made.

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FraSiec said...

that is good news.