Abbey House

Crown King Az
Early 1900's
Al Caggiano lived in the house known as the
Board & Bath house.
In the 50's
Mr. " Pap" Abbey laid claim to the house and cleaned the grounds and started what was to become an extensive orchard.
His daughter and her husband moved into the house with their two boys.
But since the time of Pap the house has been known as
 "The Abbey House".

Is positioned on Prescott Forest Service land. It is in ruins, much work would be needed to bring it back to it's glory.
But it still holds part of the past for the

Old bed frame

Water Shed

The old out house
Still in good shape

The old cemetery just outside the house

No names

 Some people just cant leave things like they were

 Front Gate
 Apple Tree still growing.
 Under the house
 Light socket 
 Master bedroom
Even the locals ( Kevin ) leave their trash behind. 
Looks like a swimming pool but I thinks it's where they stored thier water. 

The upstairs loft 

Destroying the house that sits in the pines away from town would be a shame.
  Leave our history so that the patterns don't get lost...

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