Tempe Town Lake Bridge

Tempe Arizona
A pedestrian bridge across Tempe Town Lake connects the south and north shores near the western dam at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Not only is this bridge beautiful and useful for pedestrians and bicyclists, it also keeps the rubber bladders holding back the waters of Town Lake cooler.

The bridge shades the dam and a sprinkler system attached to the bridge moistens it.
The $5 million cost was paid primarily with federal money and matching funds.
The bridge is about a quarter mile long.

Bridge Facts:
A team of designers, including T.Y. Lin International and Otak, created the design for the pedestrian bridge. Artist Laurie Lundquist was also part of the process
The bridge comes in four spans of 228 feet. Steel pipes cross each other at two intersections of the bridge. Each span weighs 165,000 pounds
The bridge is 12' wide. The deck expands to 14' at each end to provide an easy transition for bicyclists and pedestrians.
The bridge is 34' tall.
There are 32 cables suspending the bridge arches A shading system using triangular pieces of canvas is placed at curves throughout the bridge and provides shade.
The shape of the shade structures is meant to complement the facetted roof of the Center for the Arts

700 W. Rio Salado, Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 350-2829

Water Flowing Over The Dam
 Construction photos

Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA),

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