Call Of The Canyon West Fork Trail

  Road Trip #-9 took took us to Call of the Canyon north of Sedona Az on 89-A on Oct. 21, 2009. Mike from the Southwest Bicycles Cave Creek Az accompanied me up there. At first we drove up I-17 to Schnebly Hill Rd. just south of Flagstaff Az. Schnebly Hill rd. is another way into Sedona with some great scenery of the red rocks. But like the sign states if you don’t drive a truck of a off road vehicle then don’t go this way. This way is the roughest road you will ever drive on.
The rest of the photo's for Road Trip #-9 

All the photos from the Schnebly Hill rd. sign to the Indian Gardens sign are from Schnebly Hill Road.

Schnebly Hill Road comes into the Oak Creek on 179 right next to Tlaquepaque A great place to visit when in Sedona. Made onto 89-A north heading to Flagstaff stopped off at Indian Gardens which is ether the last place leaving or the first place arriving to Sedona to get some thing to eat or drink.

Garland's Indian Gardens3951 North State Route 89A,
 (west side of State Route 89A), Sedona, AZ Tel: (928) 282-7702
Sedona's oldest country store is located in scenic Oak Creek Canyon, about four miles north of Uptown Sedona. The building was originally the Thompson homestead, established in 1876. Today, it's a deli, market and gift shop serving homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and baked goods, along with a fully stocked souvenir and fishing supply store. Be sure to try their organic apple cider. Most food items are $2-7 and beer and wine are available. You can dine on the garden patio, or pick up items for a picnic on your way to Slide Rock.

We made it to the Call of the Canyon also known as West Fork Trail a wilderness area so no bikes aloud. Now it’s Wednesday about 10am and there is five cars waiting at the toll boot to park at a full lot. We drove up the road cars were every where but found a spot on the side of the road.

Mayhew Lodge

Me and Mike made inside and started he hike back into West Fork Trail. Came across this old ranch that once stood near the creek but not much standing. Also found this old room dug right out of the side of the mountain solid rock. We hiked back in on West Fork Trail about 5 miles we started at 10:30am and it was about 4pm. The hike was great and long but the colors were awesome and the rocks were unbelievable. There were so many people out checking out the colors which made it was hard to shoot photo’s. But also a great day started out in the 50’s but ended in the 70’s

Indian Chef Rock

Went to lunch in Sedona then headed over to Crescent Moon a day park & another great place to check out the colors and scenery also a great place to shoot photo's.

So with dark setting in and you cant see much at night we headed home

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Till Next Time You All Have A Great One Darren...


FraSiec said...

luv schnebly hill road. My nephew wants to bike it one day when his is big enough. Wants to make the Flag to Sedona trip via this route. Hopefully, I will still be able to do it when he is ready.

btw: Great photos of oak creek canyon.

Darrensrides said...

When you decide to ride it let me know I will ride it with you.