West Fork Trail Call Of The Canyon

Road Trip #-10 took us back to Call of the Canyon north of Sedona Az on 89-A on Oct. 29, 2009. Myself & Mike from the Southwest Bicycles headed back with me. We made it back to Call of the Canyon also known as the West Fork Trail a Wilderness area so no bikes aloud. It’s Thursday about 8:30am and there is two other cars in the parking lot. Not like last week on Wednesday when we couldn’t even get into the parking lot.
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Me and Mike started the hike back into West Fork Trail. The plan was to just hike all the way back as far as we could get then on the way back shoot photo‘s. Well that was the plan but as we headed back had to stop at the foot bridge to shoot photo’s. The bridge had a dusting of snow on it from the night before & also on the ferns around the area.

Came to the old Mayhew Lodge that once stood near the creek but not much standing now. Took some more but better photo’s of the old lodge and some video on the way out.

Mike setting up to shoot some photo's

So we hiked back in on West Fork trail as far as you could hike. Well I did I lost Mike some where on the trail heading out. Came to some spots that I had to stop where the creek was frozen over and where I found ice cycles hanging. I knew if I didn’t stop now that they night not be around on the return trip out.

Well I came to the end of the trail well the dry portion of the trail I should say. At the end I had to hike up the pant legs and wade through 1 to 2 feet of freezing cold creek water that was wall to wall may be 200 yards long. I mean the creek was cold enough to still have ice chunks floating in it. As I head further back came to some cool camping spot that was under a over rock hang. Also found this wall covered in mud that was built by birds for homes. The birds that build these home are the Cliff Swallow. I also found this cool black and red caterpillar a Pyrrharctia isabella. First time I have ever seen one this far south.

That's Me Darren.

Reminds me or looks like Fruity Pebbles cereal

The end of the dirt trail

Well the trail is starting to get harder to hike and know one really knows how far I am in. So I decided to head back and hook up with Mike. On the way in I took photo’s so on the way out I shoot some video of the trail and the old ranch. So made it out right before dark and heading home.

So we will see you on the next trip Darren..

Check out the rest of the photos for Road Trip #-10 here:


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